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Gretsch RHH Info/opinions plz?


A few Q's for you learned gents 1.Website says RHH is "Parallel Tone Bars, Trestle Bracing" (not sure what is meant by this?Forums I have been on say tone bars? 2.Any one experienced the nitro cracking on these?I have Gibo's/fenders from 2005+ where the lacquered cracked within the first year.Yet I have 70's Gibsons where lacquer is great shape? 3.Is the neck profile/frets the same as the 6120DSW ie vintage small frets slim neck?Or are they differentie wider? 4.Anyone had probs with large H/stock creating probs with string tension etc or this another myth I have heard about? 5.Last question ia the binding the same as the 6120 DSW ie the vintage cream colour?


Parallel Tone Bars with a post under the bridge, not trestle...

No lacquer issues...

Medium Jumbo frets...

Binding is a creamy white...

Neck is average, not thin, not fat...

No tension issues, not sure even how to answer that...

Check out a few of our photos, click into the RHH section.


I had a 2005 model that had no checking on it at all. The neck on the 2005 model had a nice soft V shape to it, my 2013 model has a slightly softer V shape. I had no tuning issues at all on the 2005 and have none on the 2013 and I ride the bigsby hard and frequently.


I had one when they first came out. The neck feels very different from the Setzers I am used to. No "soft V" - more a wide "C". No better or worse, just different and extremely playable for me. I preferred the 12" radius and med jumbo frets. I have not had any lacquer issues on any Gretsch. And I have had a few!

Yes it is tone bar braced, no trestle. Again, I don't think it's any better or worse than the trestle. Just different. So many people will tell you that the trestle is less likely to feed back but that has not been true in my experience. The only difference for me has been that the trestle bracing scoops the mids very slightly. I like both equally.

The ONLY thing I didn't like about the RHH was the wider headstock. It didn't make any difference to playability but it did make tuning with the Bigsby a little trickier. As the strings are splayed at the nut a little more there is slightly more friction so more chance of the string sticking in the nut. The straighter the string pull the better for wammy bar use. Plus I just like the look of the smaller headstock anyway.

The RHH is a great guitar.


I've used one live for years - they are fantastic guitars. Keep the nut lubed and you won't have any tuning issues. I haven't had any problems with the finish checking and any dings that you pick up soon darken in colour and give it a cool vintage vibe. The only time I get feedback is when I crank the distortion and if it does feed back it's pretty musical a la Neil Young.


I looked my 2005 year neck over again.

I'd call it a "C", maybe even just a bit shallower than a Standard "C".

Going the opposite direction thinner compared to a "D".

Plays very easy, keep the nut lubed...


I have an RHH and a DSW, because I am a very lucky guy.

Both have a tone-post.

Neck-wise, I'd give the edge to the RHH, but I'm not smart enough to say why.

Visually, they're not that far off one another. Binding looks about the same to me.

I'd be pissed off if I saw checking on a 10-year-old guitar, lacquer or not.

Honestly, the Dynas vs FilterTrons is by far the biggest difference, but the RHH is a bit more playable IMO, and the FTs work better with the tone post for me than they do with heavier bracing.


I didn't know you have a RHH sig, Tim. Nice. But why is non of your guitars in the database???


They were (mostly) I need to enter them. Sigh. One more thing.


Well the RHH arrived today.Very plz'd!

Finish looks the same as the DSW I had.Finish seems thicker than all other nitro guitars I own.Whats your thoughts Baxter as you own both?

Could this be another error on the Gretsch website?

I am amazed how well that TOM bridge works with the bigsby.I have been swinging on it for ages and she stays in tune great.I ordered an Ali Tru-arc(arrived today also). In 2 minds whether to swap them now.What do you guys think?

Thanks for the input.I found it very,very helpful.


No real opinion on the finishes. I don't see a lot of difference, but I tend to not get too hung up on finishes either.

My personal opinion is that a Tru-arc is better than a TOM every time.


When I had the 6120 DSW I loved the guitar but visually disliked the gold h/ware,cream binding,blingy headstock inlay(prefer if it was plain cream),small vintage frets.However having said all that I rated the guitar very highly.

I preferred the chrome H/ware,ebony, filters etc so I considered the RHH but at £3k here in Uk it was out of the question.

Well now the RHH is here it suits my playing better for sure.What ever nitro they use its a superb finish & I cannot see it cracking in the near future!

Anyway way I intend to try & hang on to the RHH a little longer.

Thks for the input on the Tru-Arc I will get that on ASAP....... I certainly prefer the look and have the factory Gretsch version on on my 6122 '59...............its great to be given firm advise................even though I have been playing for 35 years I find all the info on the net steers me away from my gut feelin on these issues.

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