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Modern medicine at its finest


Squeamish alert! Don’t read this if you’re a little squeamish, but I just found it on the BBC news app and had to share.


A cancer patient has her tibia removed, sent to another hospital for treatment, and then has it reattached, thus avoiding amputation.

Damn, I love our NHS.


Good thing there's anaesthesia.


I know a lot of people that would have wished they had that option. me included. 38 years ago, regeneration was being rumored. I'm still waiting.


That's nothing. I took the neck off a guitar, sent it to Curt to have the headstock painted, and reattached it when it came back. The whole process took about 6 weeks.


That's nuts! The leg thing, not the neck thing.


My wife literally broke her neck back in March. In the hospital on Thursday, surgery on Friday released on Saturday, all during the onset of the 'Rona. 3 months in a horse collar with very limited activity, and a steady but slow recovery, and she's almost back to her normal state.

After the last X-rays and doctor visit, they told her that breaking the first two vertebrae is usually fatal, or otherwise, leaves the person a quadriplegic. She attributes her miraculous recovery to a great doctor and surgical team, and her faith. I can't argue with that.

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