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Mid-winter blues - as in the sky


Well it's mid-winter here in Western Australia. It's been raining for the past week but today the sun came out and my wife and I went down the street for lunch. Then we tried a new cafe around the corner - not bad, but the coffee could be stronger. I never felt the need for anything warmer than t-shirt and jeans all day, although I do have the heater on low tonight.

When the sun comes out winter is my favourite time of the year. These pics show the cafe and the sky.


winter skies...


Love these pics. Beautiful intense blue. Is that unusually intense blue, or just how it is where you are? What's the name of your town, if you don't mind. I realized I know so little geography of Australia I couldn't even think of a name near "Western Australia." Thanks for posting.


That's a lovely color blue. I know you're a photographer, what camera did you use?

I'd love a good brisk winter day over this:


It's summer here, and it's been raining a lot as well. We've gotten a month's worth in a day---a few times this summer already, and looking for more. Your winter's certainly not like what we get here---I've seen -30F and feet of snow more than once. I'm happy when it's above freezing in the winter.


Yes I am a photographer and these pics are unretouched, shot on an iPhone 6! I tend not to take my EOS 1DX to have coffee - it keeps falling out of my pocket. Yes the sky really does get that deep blue, especially at this time of the year because the sun is relatively low in the sky.

I'm in Perth, Olivia Ann. It's in the south west of the state. Up north it's not really winter, it's the dry season. But here way down south it does get "cold". In Perth it never snows and rarely gets to 0C (32F) - maybe one or two nights a year?

Way south of here we have a tiny mountain range (more like a string of hills) called the Stirlings. The highest of these is called Bluff Knoll and this year it had snow. This happens once every 20 years or so, is about an inch deep on a tiny part of the range and melts later that day. But it is enough to make headlines in our papers and cause people to drive 4 hours to see it.

The first time my wife ever saw snow was when we backpacked around the USA and we visited Yosemite. We were 23.

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