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Met the guy I wanna be at 97


A couple of weeks ago Joyce and I attended a surprise 80th for my mother’s best friend. Sadly my mother passed a few years ago, but her friend is just living life and doing whatever the hell she wants. That’s cool on its own.

I’m a bit over dressed wearing a sport coat and a tie. This older gent who is also wearing a tie comes over and introduces himself as “Jules” and wants to know if I might be a musician. He says that he is and just came from a gig, hence the tie. Now I’m sizing this guy up as an active 80 year old.

Jules goes on to tell me that he plays sax in a swing band and he handles the bookings. He says he played the sax as a young man and put it away for sixty five years and retrieved it from his son after he retired at age 84. He relearned the instrument and has been gigging since. During conversation, he tells me that he is a very old man and is 97. I am floored. I’m looking at this guy who’s sporting an Apple watch, looks as fit as someone in their mid seventies, and I’m thinking that’s the guy I want to be. Happy, active and he dates a woman who is 17 years younger than he - my mother’s 80 year old friend! As a final note on this amazing guy, he fought in World War II.


Never discount the elderly.

Their stories, life experiences, and wisdom can only do you good.

Even better when they have their health.

Here's hoping Jules has plenty more life left in him.


So, longevity is attributed to an active sax life?


So, longevity is attributed to an active sax life?

– NJBob

One can hope.


It couldn't hurt! I remember some stand-up comedian (can't remember who) saying if he could choose the manner of his death, he'd like to be shot by a jealous husband when he's 102.


The guy has a full life. Congrats to him.


Impressive, he's my new hero. We need pic's!

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