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Merle Haggard on Marty Stuart


I have played a couple of them. They were very nice. but, I wasn't blown away. I dont think they are that much better than what they copy to warrant the price.

I never looked, many used ones around?


You pay a premium for a very good guitar made in the states by skilled craftsmen.

Collings definitely makes some good stuff. The price is a turnoff for me.


To my mind, the build quality and consistency of the Collings electrics that I've played over recent years has far surpassed that of another well known maker (I'll not name names!!). I think the fit, finish and quality of materials/components is very high. However, whether a 290 is a good choice for an individual player will depend on personal preference eg neck profiles, fret types, fingerboard radius etc. The 290 fits my hand really nicely... so I like them... on the other hand, I've played plenty of other well made, toneful instruments that simply weren't suited to my hand.... so I'd strongly recommend that you try a few different Collings models (290, 360, i35, City Limits) and decide which one suits you best. I've seen quite a few coming up on the second hand market in the USA.

By the way, I think the tonal variation that can be achieved with a 290 (and a good amp) make it quite a versatile beast.


I toured the collings factory.

wow great instruments and great quality control. if you want a high end usa made guitar you can't go wrong.

bill collings is an interesting guy

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