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Melody Is Good For You


Great topic on the subject by Andrew Wasson.

Put it here instead in the YouTube subject because this is more of a topic than just a video.


This guy is right on! I suffer from chronic pain, and when I play my guitar, I feel no pain. It totally distracts me, and I'm virtually pain free while I'm practicing. I discovered this a long time ago, and it's a real phenomenon.


Yup. Noodling with melodies is much like my daily meditation. Soothes my brain.


Great video and can confirm the positive effect on both mental health and playing of concentrating on the melody of both published songs and new creations by me.

My approach is not as structured as he explains with the eBook but what I do is probably not too far from it.


I agree...but I also have a very wide definition of "melody."


Creating "musical" melodies on the guitar has been and continues to be my biggest joy and reward in life (I'm not married). The struggle is in the continued attempt to up my game in this respect. BTW, harmony - the discovery of new voicing from which to draw my melodic lines - is almost on par. Is it really that good for you? Yes it is my friend, yes it is...

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