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Maybe an Old Dog Can Still Do The Same Old Tricks


Since our family business was closed just over a year ago, I have been trying to keep my life interesting without much success. Boredom is a killer. Me and my daddy in law used to fish together a lot, but since he has passed on fishing just isn't as much fun anymore. I never took up golf. I wish I would have, but, at my age and also with my suspension system having handled too many truck tires and related duties, I just don't think my swing would be a thing of beauty.

So, I have a long time friend who has a medium sized trucking company. About 50 trucks and 200 or so trailers. He has hinted in times past that he thought I could be helpful to him, so a couple of weeks ago I sent him a text and asked him what he thought about it. He fired back that he was very interested. That was Friday, and Monday I was back in the saddle again. I have spent the last few days trying to learn his computer system, and probably will spend a couple more weeks in learning his system overall. I already have a boatload of suggestions, but I have to honor that fact that it is his system, and to not be too suggestive, because, I have to remember, it is his ball game. My duties are going to be mostly administrative. Maybe some accounting, and helping him with whatever needs to be done.

It is a little bit of an adjustment being a hired hand instead of the main man, but I am enjoying it. I'm out of Conchieta's hair and re-connecting with some old friends, so I'm having fun.


Workingman gotta work.

I try to avoid it when possible!


I didn't realize that you closed your previous business. Sympathies on that, I assume it was not an easy choice.

And good luck with your new gig.


Someone recently told me “I married him for better or worse but not for lunch.” Good idea finding an activity.


yep, being retired myself, you gotta stay busy doing something. I'm working part-time at Home Depot. however, since they weren't able to hire enough cashiers this Summer, I've been working 40 hour weeks. but that's only for another couple of weeks and I'll be back to part-time again. so, I've been staying more busy than I wanted, but it's getting the bills paid. Social Security don't always cover everything nowadays.

sorry to hear about your family business closing down. I know you put a lot in to it all of those years. staying busy is the key though. and helping your friend sounds like a great idea.


I am happy for you, Richard. Sounds like the perfect fit for you. Just don't forget to enjoy these years as they will speed right by you if you don't.


Wish you good luck with your new endeavor. I’m sure as time goes by your talents and experience will bring much to the company.


Use Windex to remove white-out from the computer screen.


I guess life is never perfect, but you play the hand that is dealt you. Forced activity is a good thing for me. Before we started the tire business, Conchieta and I had a small trucking company. It was only 5 trucks, but it was interesting, and it gave me the opportunity to see our beautiful country, if only through a windshield, but still that thrill of being around big trucks, and just heavy equipment in general, is a turn on for me. One of the many enterprises that my friend owns is the local drag strip out north of town, so that is another release for me on weekends. Even though I don't own a drag car, I still get a thrill out of hearing those high revving engines and the excitement.

Obviously, I wish things would have been different for my son and our family business, but there are no guarantees in life, and as Charlie Rich sang, I keep on rolling with the flow. My son has landed a good job in Savannah with much promise for his future. I am excited about being involved and productive again. So, everything is cool.

Y'all are a great bunch. I really appreciate the support.


Just keep doing what you love and loving what you do.


But you’ll be able to get off work for the Nashville Roundup, right? It’s time to come again.


Hey Richard, sorry to hear about the family business, but it sounds like that both your son, and you are moving along and doing well. That's what counts.

I'll be retiring at the end of August, so I'll be diving into that new venture of life. I'm looking at it as a "fresh start", with a whole lot of new options for everything.

Best to you, and hopefully we can cross trails again in the future.


Like...at the Nashville Roundup! Don’t think you’ve ever been, have you, JD? It can be one of your first retirement jaunts.

(And I don’t mean to hijack your thread, Richard. Targets of opportunity is all, and with my memory I have to mention things when I think of them.)


Like...at the Nashville Roundup! Don’t think you’ve ever been, have you, JD? It can be one of your first retirement jaunts.

(And I don’t mean to hijack your thread, Richard. Targets of opportunity is all, and with my memory I have to mention things when I think of them.)

– Proteus

Tim, that just may happen. It's been on my bucket list for years!


So far everyone has gone out of their way to be nice to me. It's a good fit, and I do feel like I am making a difference already. I had committed to a few things prior to coming out here, and I was made aware immediately that it was not a problem for me to honor my prior commitments, even though it meant taking off time from work. So, we'll have to see about taking off extended time later this year. Even though they would probably give me the go ahead, I don't know about abusing the privilege. I am conscious of those things.


I like where Tim is going with this. The gang misses ya in Nashville and JD you need to get your happy retired patootie down there too.

Glad to hear all is well in your world, Richard.


Richard, you don’t have to commit to the whole weekend. We’ll declare a Richard Hudson Day on Saturday, and you can just come for that.


I am happy for you! As you said boredom can be a problem for the retired. I have been retired for 2 years from a stressful career in Banking for 41. So far I am enjoying retirement and never think about going back to work. Luckily I have enough to do with my hobbies to keep me busy. My wife seems to always have a "Honey Do" list to keep me busy. I also recently started taking guitar lessons from Paul Pigat to improve my playing. The key to a happy retirement is keeping busy.


Workingman gotta work.

I try to avoid it when possible!

– Proteus

Yeah. My mama used to wash my mouth out with soap if I used four letter words ending in k.

Work don't bother me. Why, I can watch another man do it all day long.

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