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Mass Guitar defacement


I’ve had this for a number of years. Ran across it at a garage sale about 10 years ago. It recently occurred to me that this single item is probably responsible for more Guitar defacing than anything else. Price tag reads $10.95. From Sears. I have owned a number of Guitars that have names and SS numbers etched on the headstock, on the body, under the pickups, pretty much anywhere. It’s really a shame. I’m sure many of you have seen the same sort of stuff.


This should be tagged to the thread about insuring our gear.


It used to be common to mark your things (not just guitars) with your SSAN for identity proof should it be stolen. It was actually recommended by law enforcement. Now, people steal your SSAN. Go figure.


Your social security number should not be used for theft identification. It can lead to theft of the number and there would be problems in conclusively proving it is your SSN should the matter go to trial.


My Dad had one, He engraved everything he had, most of the stuff I had and some stuff we didn't know we had with our various socials. That was in the early 70's, before ID theft became such a "thing".

But the engraving was/is forever, pretty much.


I found a name and SSN in the electronics cavity of a 50s guitar I bought and tracked the guy down who owned it in the 80s/early 90s. Turned out the guitar had quite a colorful history.

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