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Marty Stuart / Cousin Kenny Gretsch Connection


Just found this recently posted video; a song from MS&tFS new album.


Here's another recent one. I get the feeling that the band has been listening to early Chris Isaak records (with James Calvin Wilsey).


This album was produced by Mike Campbell, guitarist for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.


They could make an Esteban or First Act guitar sound good. A Gretsch just makes them sound great.


I'm going to see Marty, Connie Smith and the Fabulous Superlatives on the 17th of this month at French Lick, IN. Can't hardly wait to see them!


I have a friend who played a few shows with Marty, as part of the opening act. He said Marty was a really nice guy, very real. He said he was a guy who really cares about music, and din't seem to be caught up in the BS. I always liked him (I mean, come on, the guy plays Clarence Whites b bender! Who does't???), but I liked him more after hearing that.

Thanks for posting.


I don't generally endorse specific albums, but in this case.....

Marty's new album (Way Out West) is now released. It can be streamed from Amazon (at least if you have Prime). After a full play, I ordered the CD. It's spaghetti / surf / spy twang mixed with some Bakersfield, a whole bunch of Clarence, with just a pinch of TP & the Heartbreakers thrown in for good measure. Can't beat that recipe........


thanks for heads up..fab superlatives and campbell..that's the best pairing since them and mcguinn!..i just wonder who drooled over who's guitars!!

great band...2 killer guitar players, and the rhythm section can do it all



Truth be told, there are three killer guitar players in this bunch. Chris Scruggs is the official bass player, but he also plays steel, electric and acoustic guitar...and there's that part about Earl Scruggs being his Grandfather.

Furthermore, they all sing like crazy.


the other "superlative" pairing!!!



Wow! Good stuff! And I love me some Mike Campbell!

I will definitely be checking out this album on Prime. Thanks for the tip!


Post your thoughts after you've listened. I'm interested in hearing what others think.


Campbell has a history with this kind of thing...

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