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Mac Sabbath Frying Pan


Judging from the lyrics, words fail them too.

Cute pun-based concept in its way, and they went pretty big on costumes. Kudos for that. But a marginally theatrical front man and a bit of dry ice do not make a show. Dude really can’t sing, and the sidemen are all as animated as wax figures. They could at least have contrived to rock back and forth occasionally.

A silly trick pony (think bluegrass versions of metal, or reggae Zeppelin) can only be ridden far with real skill and more expansive creativity than displayed here. I only watched this one’s single trick to the end to see if it would suddenly fulfill the promise of the costumes. It didn’t.

Any more attention would be beating the dead.

Though the lyrics, geez. It didn’t have a chance in the first place.


I’ve seen them a few times... I had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed the show...although I will say they were a lot more active than in that video


Steve an' seagulls is a fine band for this kind of things, IMO


Singer looks like David Lee Roth in RM makeup....


Dammit, I really thought this thread was going to be about some kind of technologically advanced frying pan.....and I got excited!!! I eat, therefore I cook and somewhere out there is the Duo Jet of frying pans!

OK, now I'll go see what the original post was about!

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