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Loss of Bachelor Habitat


So, I've needed a room mate for some time. Last weekend an old friend/fling asked if I knew of a place she could rent a room. Yadda, yadda, yadda, in a couple of weeks, I have a 6' blonde Amazon and her dog moving in. I've dedicated my adult life to the American Single Male lifestyle and now, now, I'm going to have strange things in my bathroom, like moisteners and conditioners. Yikes, I tell you.


This could be good and bad. Hope it all goes well for ya.


I'm man enough to admit that I've never lived with a woman under my roof that wasn't my Mom and I don't have sisters. I think there'll be a period of adjustment to having a woman sharing my bath and kitchen.


We need pics or we don't believe it. ;-)

Ha! Kidding.



You fer sure have never cohabitated with the opposite sex.


One word of advice, Kuzinov -- keep things clean. There is nothing that a female roommate hates worse that living with a guy who isn't accustomed to a woman's cleanliness standards. If you keep everything clean, she will overlook most everything else.


Start keeping the place clean and tidy and you'll never get rid of her — or the dog.


The "6' blonde Amazon" part caught my eye!!



She referred to it as The Amazonian Invasion, plus Lenny(the dog). Oh, I've been cleaning everyday,even the Dyson says her room is clean. I've even cleaned the tops of doors and such. There's not a cobweb to be found. I'll clean the bathroom like three times, that ought to do it.

I guess The Possum Lodge Men's Prayer might be in order.

I'm a man

and I can change

if I have to

I guess


I'd be more worried about the dog. It's gonna piss on one of your amps, or shit in your hallway.



Well, he'd better shit in the hallway, because I'd have a real problem losing the G-Dec. The Little Kahuna and Champ 600 are safe. He's a beaglely type dog, too old to be a jumper, too young to be sloppy old dog. I was used to an evil kitty so I'm used to the pet thing. Hairball? for me? during dinner? Thanks, Kitty.


Um, kuz, I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but within a short time, you're gonna be the one living under HER roof. Females have a stronger nesting instinct and can be highly territorial.

Good luck!


I better train myself to make sure the seat is down.


I think we're gonna need some pics for a more accurate assessment of your situation ;-)


No way, not the gentlemanly thing to do, nor do I incur the wrath of an Amazon scorned, Ill have to fall asleep at some point. Hence, the I actually just did make sure the seat is down, just to get in the habit.


YOu understand that "naked/underwear world" is over,right?8-)


Is the dog good-looking?


Good, the dog will be less judgemental and any affection will be unconditional!:D


Good luck dude! Hopefully she isn't a slob herself. That could be a real problem! Not all women are neat and tidy- I've been to other's places and said to myself no fukcing way could I live here!

Also, if you are expected to leave the toilet seat down then she should have to close the lid when she's done. Nothing irritates me more toilet etiquette-wise.


I know her well enough to know she's not a total slob.


Wow. I love my wife, but dogs are easier to live with. They don't care about the toilet seat being up or down, socks on the floor and such. The best of luck to you. By the way, when will woman learn to leave the seat up? !#$@% !#$@%

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