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Losing My Religion - using major scales


Not sure exactly how this was done but someone has recast the original REM recording but converted the minor notes to major. Definitely gives it a familiar, yet totally different vibe.



That is too weird! That song is the first chord progression that I learned and really cements in my mind that I love minor chords. ;-)


That song is the one REM song I find palatable, and this new version makes it even better.


This album, "Out of Time," was the first REM album I didn't like, really didn't like. If this reversal was incorporated into all of the songs I'd probably dislike only one. REM, my favorite band of all time, has a new feel, at least this one song did. I like it!



Horrible. Changing minor chords to major strips the song of any semblance of musicality. There are no dynamics left. The original version contained both minor and major chords.


Gotta be honest, not feeling it. Long time REM fan (I saw them in Jacksonville when they couldn't even fill JU's Swisher Gym)... I dunno, just doesn't work. Sounds almost too earnest, too prozac for me.


Yuck, it hurts me physically. Everything that made the song good is gone.


It's still just as boring as ever, and no improvement at all.. Stipe's voice is still as irritating, even in a pseudo-major key.


The same fella 'majorised' Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. IT makes the solo absolutely hilarious


Wouldn't mind hearing what some songs in major would sound minorised. That REM example is quite unpleasant.


I saw this yesterday and didn't like it either. Switching to major scales on all of the songs on the page(if it is the same as I saw) help change the content of the communication.

Example: "What the hell is this?" tone change when my dad saw bad grades on the report card. He can also say the same thing with a bright voice if I had straight As.

Same with the song. For both REM and Metallica clips, the songs lose their statement, tells the listener of hopes to the plot that were never in the mix. The scale change changes the context. Brings hope in the unknown where the songs' message is really a statement of the known with the accompanied feelings. Thumbs down for me.


My ears are bleeding. Pass.


Some people are just meant to sing in a minor key.

It fits Michael Stipe's range.


At choir practice sometimes I'll play through a hymn in its parallel major or minor just to see if they are paying attention. Frequently the ones transmogrified from major to minor sound really interesting. Fun with music! :)


in Spokane there's a carillon in the tower in the big park where the Worlds' Fair was held, and for holidays the bells played various appropriate selections when i lived there at the turn of the 80s. however, the range of the carillon was such that some songs couldn't fit without being transposed. this led to the truly surreal experience of hearing e.g. "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" or "America The Beautiful" played in minor keys. it was as though the park had been possessed by the ghost of Charles Ives.


I really enjoy these. It's gimmicky, but the effect on a piece of music you know well is profound, which probably has a lot to say about how our brains process music. (I've heard one less-expertly-done major-to-minor change, and even though I didn't know the song at all, it was still an interestingly weird listen.)

The Doors' Riders On The Storm emerges from the process as cheesy lounge music, and this really brings out how twee the lyrics are. (Link: Riders On The Storm)

If anyone's interested, these changes are done with Melodyne

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