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" The ones who argue most strenuously against free speech are usually the ones who just don't want to exercise any self-restraint to be polite."

I typed up an answer, but we're veering into political territory here, and I will respect Bax's rule on that matter.


After re-reading the original offending thread and this one....Why does it warrant measuring the degree of hate in a hypothetical hate speech situation? How can it be compared to Kent State or blaming Jews for the worlds problems. It's demeaning to both subjects just being compared to 'they picked at hippies'.

How can the most vocal demander of tolerance, not see that he shows little.

How can anything in this thread be perceived so severe that it escalates it to the point there are pleas for 'the bare minimum of basic human decency'?

And the thought police even entered the picture...'diversity of repellent thought is not desireable'. Be careful what you wish for, anyones thoughts could be found repellent.

Maybe a different perspective for the easily offended/hurt....there are places in this world where some thoughts are deemed repellent. They could get you rolled up in a rug and thrown off a rooftop. There are places in this world where simply loving the wrong person is not tolerated, the price paid is high. Perspective.....

Really, how bad is it for any of us? Some posters in this thread admit they're unsure of another posters intent...but choose to be offended anyway.

I'm finding some humor in the 70's hippie(freak) vs the 60's stinking ones. I'm in that 60's group, I was also in a bi-racial relationship during that time, attitudes were a bit different then, ended up marrying her, coming up on 46 years soon. Yup, damned long haired drug using SOB...and look at that girl he's got...and MY GOD what if they have kids, just terrible I tell ya'.

I could of felt 'hurt' a lot of times, I chose not to. I took my mothers approach to things....when we were kids she'd say' grow up, get over it, and stop making yourself feel bad 'cause that's why you're cryin'.


Sorry, I enjoy a bit of skulking around these argument threads but.....WTF PEOPLE??? I’m pretty sure there are better things to do than engage (at least for this long) in this “im offended” to “you shouldn’t be offended” back and forth. This is why I don’t come around much anymore. I remember when guitar sites were about guitars and not about social agendas


B4 this one also is closed, I would like to mention that Tavo posted the same subject matter over at "the other forum" with a different title and it went nowhere near where this one went.

– Toddfan

Toddfan said: "Tavo posted the same subject matter over at "the other forum" with a different title and it went nowhere near where this one went."

right I did, just like Dr Milktruck cross posts constantly to both forums..

because here I've actually have hung out in person with many on this forum be it Viva Las Vegas, Nashvegas roundup or California Roundup, or Namm show.
Different situation over there w a larger international group and while I've had dinner with a few from Germany, France, Australia and Croatia from the GT forum.. they all were younger, as is most of the crowd there dont you think? PS. The picture was posted for discussion and I thought it would get a bit more group participation here w the smartassery, it instead raised other tangential debacles.


Smurf it. I've wasted too much of this week on this, and I'm not going to waste my weekend tending a dumpster fire too. This thing has reached a logical and relatively happy conclusion at least three or four times now, but there's always someone who feels the need to poke the embers a little more, and I'm sick of it.

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