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Live Nation Mobile Ticket App…tell me about it


Trying to decide whether or not to join the 21st Century...

I see mixed reviews, but it does seem secure, etc. It's too easy being in Reno to just go to the Box Offices and avoid all the fees and handling charges.

Live Nation seems to have cornered the market for Concert go-ers, not sure how the Artists feel about it.


I don't hate many things but the fees they charge for tickets are a sliding scale ripoff, and it should be illegal.

I hate them, and their damned business model.

The only thing worse than that is the fact that they openly do business with "legitimate" ticket agencies...c'mon... they're scalpers.

I don't go to arena shows anymore because of it.


I cannot figure if the Ticket price goes solely to the Artist...

And since they manage so many Venues, that the Fees in some way "Pay the Rent", "Security", "Staff", etc.

It seems if you buy at the Box office of their managed Venues, there are no fees...so, that negates that prior argument...

EDIT: There are Fees, just less....


The ticket prices generally go to the promoter, who in turn has an arrangement with the performer as to how much they get. The promoter is then responsible for paying sound & lighting crews (unless the artist has their own), security, venue, advertising, etc.

The "fees" go exclusively to the lowlife scum --- er, "protection" --- um, I mean ticketing agency.


They are the Ticketmaster of the new Millennia.


Live Nation manages something like 1000 venues...they have their hand in both till boxes, as well as the Handling and Service Fees.


If I can only buy a group of 6 tickets at the box office, how do these yahoos get to buy blocks of hundreds of front row seats? "Legalized" scalping isn't any better than the informal, illegal type.


Who you callin' yahoos? We prefer "Businessmen."


They are making it so you can’t get into the arena without an smart phone.

I guess I wont be going.

They were going to do that a few years ago, but abandoned it. Now here it is again.

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