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library idea…..second step complete


there was a thread about setting up a library guitar program. today i went to my local library, and spoke with them, they like the idea, they need some kind of approval. when they get it i will supply them with six guitars and i will maintain them and give very basic instructions once a week to help get anyone interested a start. I think it gonna happen. will keep you posted. any suggestions welcome. 1.I plan on mounting brass plates with library info. 2. I'm going to decorate the tops with pyography so they will say library name on the front. 3. my library has a meeting room that will be perfect for starter classes. 4. i hope to enlist other retired guitarists to teach basics 5. leave a viable plan for replacements and repairs after I'm gone.


Mun- I hope your gift of guitars and instruction inspires some future musicians. You are a generous soul!


Nice move Mun. A couple of us here in Cool tried to start a music co-op a few years back. Supply guitars, drums, learning/recording space. It never happened but I loved the idea.

Your plan is better conceived.


Hats off to you, Dave!! I really hope this works for you and your soon-to-be students.


I think its a great idea. Please keep us updated as to your progress !!


Good move. Hope you have great success.


Just met the head librarian. It goes to the board on Monday. If approved, will implement. Ironically, the summer reading campaign is library’s rock! Perfect timing!


Im happy to report that ive been notified that the guitars are in shipping! Im so stoked. Cant wait until we start the program. Thanks fred and joe!

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