Miscellaneous Rumbles

let the chips fall where they may


When the chips are down,the buffalo is empty.......


Thread derailed. Too many critters on the track. Gretschless now, I intended this to be my swan song. So where did it all start to go wrong? Parting with my Penguin?


Here's a young dude with his interpretation of Pink Floyd's The Wall of relevance to this thread and the temptation to withdraw into isolationism. (some guitar content)


I like that guy. Thanks for the introduction.


You're welcome, Timmy. Whoops! Over-familiarity.


Tis OK.

I know what you meant in your previous post re: human interaction. It's pretty damn fraught. It wears me out.


All in fun. The whole bloody thread. A few ruffled feathers hopefully smoothed over in the process but... All in fun!


The ability to edit our posts is a wonderful thing. It allows us to correct our own goofiness or anger, which I certainly have done in the past. As Baxter has written in stone... Dont be a jerk.

Of course, nobody here could ever qualify for that. ;)

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