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I've been trying to not advertise it as my last show (because who knows what the future holds)

But my longtime drummer and writing partner is moving. His partner got a job they couldn't pass up so he's selling his house and taking everything he's got to florida (from philly).

I'm pretty sad.

We've been playing together for about 15 years.

I've replaced other members throughout the years, but my drummer is like my brother, not to mention it would be hard to find someone as talented as he is.

If you're in philly and wanna make an appearance, here are the details.


I'm sorry to hear it. You guys have definitely had something special going on.


Thanks! Everyone on the GDP has been so supportive throughout the years, wouldn't have been able to do it without the positive vibes.


Chemistry in the context of a band is not really science. It's rare when it happens but I'm sure you guys will play again and the magic will happen. In the meantime, or in time, something else could coalesce that will have a different kind of magic. Have a great show BM.


Well, one of your projects was always sure to be quirky, smart, and well executed. The invocation of Orson was apt.

Maybe you'll do some solo-er projects now?


You'll find someone to fill the bill man. Both bands are too good to just let go. Take a break, find the right drummer, regroup and move on. I hope it's not the end of either band, as I think they are both amazing. Have fun at these shows man, and I really hope to be able to come see both these bands some day!


The rectors are gonna keep rockin' ...we're a good band, but mercury radio theater has been my jawn for a long time.


Not an easy pair of shoes to fill. AND if it is possible you have to go through all that messy handshake stuff and instruction, bumpy road ahead.


Never say never.....we need all the good bands we can get in Philly. Don't look at it as replacing as you can never replace a friend, especially one who is like an extension of one's self and is the Yin to your Yang. Even if it is time to move on from Mercury Radio Theater, the music is in your soul and maybe it's just time to take a break, rethink, regroup and get back out there with something new and a bit different.


I know Buddy that it is tough to lose a friend and a band mate who you are that close to because of a move as it was tough when my best friend, who I also worked with at 2 different companies, moved with his family.

The sting of this will last but you're one hell of a musician and the train will get back on track again. Have a great next show and and keep up the great music!


Been there, been through that. In 91 my best bud and fellow Celtic Pholkie packed up and left the Island for Ottawa, about 3,000 miles distant. We'd been jamming together for about 20 years and had been serious about our performances for about a decade at that point. How do you re-fill half a duet? Basically, you don't. I paired up with several other celtic singers and players, but each came with their own way of doing things and there was always friction. Plus the easy onstage ad libs (honed through a decade of practice) were not there. I kept it together long enough to live up to the obligations, then folded it.

For about two years. One day, he called me up. Otttawa had not worked out to his satisfaction (knew that already due to some strained-sounding emails), but what I didn't know was -surprise!- he was back and had some big bills to pay off, so can we get together again, please?

We're still goin' on, but now that we're both over 60, not so strong as we once did. Two, maybe three reunion shows a year keeps the juices going and the fingers nimble enough for me to still do my solo thing as well..

Sometimes, fate does bend your way. So who knows, if it happened to me, it can happen to you, too!

Stay strong. Something will come around.


Your welcome to my mini studio anytime. (Upstate pa). Sorry to hear you guys are parting.


15 years is a good run. Life goes on; others things come along. You'll be fine. You still have a lot of songs to play.


yikes...this is the week. Good thing I've been practicing!


Sorry to hear, Buddy. I get it. I have been together with my guitarist since 2003-2004 and we have had new Bass and Drummer positions and we like where we are now but if I lost Ross as a guitarist, it would be tragic.


Part one of my seismic musical shift is completed.

I played a super fun show last night with the brains and nekromantix.

Lot's of gretsch in one room!


My musical brother moved to Montana to raise up a crop of dental floss or something. Only harp player I ever played with who could double any line I could play on guitar. He never said, "Uhhh...my harp doesn't have that note." He was like freakin' Paul Butterfield. I had to get a sax player to replace him. I feel ya, man!


Let me ask all you guys... because I haven't experienced this "chemistry" you're talking about except with guys from my youth... how many people (players) like this have you found over the course of your lives? A couple? A handful? Many? Is it more difficult to find once we're older?

The 2 guys I play with now (the guys I have that chemistry with) are from my early-20s bands. Haven't found anyone to match that chemistry since.

The one guy I'd love to get together with is NJDevil... we seem "made for each other" musically LOL. Musical brothers from different mothers. Drop me a line when you get back to NY/NJ!


I'm not a good data point since I've been playing with the same guys almost the entire time I've known how to play...but when I would play with other groups it would be really hard to communicate and get good music to come out.

a member of the band broke off to start his own group. He and I had a drink a few months later and he said "I just kind of forgot that I can't expect other people to just read my mind and give me what I want." ...that meant a lot to me. All that being said, he still has the other band and they've gotten better, so maybe it's just something that develops over time. My new band ain't there yet either, but the effort is still worth the outcome.


Sorry to hear this, I had the chance to see you guys some years back at Cornerstone Festival. I had the poster of the Dude riding a motorcycle with a coffin for a side car hanging in my room for years.


mercury radio theater has been my jawn for a long time.

Who (except for other Phillies) knew?


N19: Those were good years! Always so much fun and community when we'd tour the midwest and all over. So many van repairs!

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