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Last nights gig


Last night we played up at the Mt Shasta Ski Park.
It was a life celebration for a local guy who passed away tragically. He was an avid outdoorsman and very much loved by the community. A beautiful setting for an amazing celebration of life.


What a cool setting. I was at a Celebration of Life for my bandmate, Bob Miller, and I thought, "man, Bob would have LOVED this jam session!"

I asked the guys to please have my party while I can still enjoy it myself. I promise to still pass away at some point.

I guess life doesn't work that way.


Dang they actually have mountains out there! What song was being played at that moment?


Mt Shasta is a 14,000 ft volcano. It’s a pretty epic place! Not sure what tune we were playing? We do mainly 80’s and 90’s covers.... Alternative rock


Mt. Shasta is also a site with lots and lots of reported UFO activity. Some folks believe that inside the mountain is a base of some kind.


Don’t leave out Bigfoot!

Awesome spot! I gotta get back up to the Cascades. I need me a fix.


Where you any where close to Lake Shasta??......beautiful lake


Mt Shasta is about a 45 min drive north of Lake Shasta.


Beautiful backdrop. All we have here is a muddy river.

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