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Vintage Gretsch alert - George Ezra Budapest


Brit singer/guitarist George Ezra gently rocks a newly purchased vintage 1959 single HiLo sunburst Annie in the Budapest video.


That Annie is at least a 1960 model year example. 1959 Annies had Filtertrons. But everyone wants a '59 Gretsch these days (thanks Brian!).


Thanks Ed.

It's cool though that somebody born in 1993 wants to play a relatively unknown Gretsch and not a 6120 or White Falcon or Duo Jet. (At first I thought it was a Clipper - that'd be too wild.) Maybe someone will play an Astro Jet in a video. (One of the videos by the Like featured a brief shot of the first version of Rambler, as did another band whose name escapes me now.)

The Like - I Can See It In Your Eyes


Same artist (with good songs, btw), different guitar. This a 59 maybe? Guitar comes in at ca. 2:00 min.


Looks like Gandalf. (Ian McKellen)

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