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Konrad here: What’s shakin’?


I remember always enjoying your photos of the crowd from your performances, Konrad. Those Polish girls were so often very attractive.

So, how does an American ex-pat end up working as a detective in Poland? What type of matters do you handle? Spouses checking up on the other's fidelity? Finding missing persons? Over here, so much of detective work is done by tracking people and their assets over the internet. The credit reporting agencies are wonderful sources of information in that regard.


Hey Ric, Well, for years worked as an investigative journo... Got in a lot of trouble, but broke quite a few crime stories... I found and interviewed Abraham Goldberg (wanted by Interpol for embezzling AUD 1.5 bln--and they could not find him), uncovered massive money laundering out of Polish state companies, broke the stories/confronted the cops with the Mokotow Mafia kidnapping/murder cases, etc. Later I joined a detective agency and ran operations and then I started my own. We do quite a bit of pre-transaction work, checking out board members for devious pasts and political connections, and I do quite a bit of litigation support work and political analysis in the region...

it's not easy, but it's a gig. You can check us out here: www.cddi.eu.

I probably run 70-80 cases a year and growing. I don't do the infidelity thing. You have to listen to hours upon hours of moaning just to get started.

So there you go.




Looks more like you running away from home since I've come back!

You're doing amps now?


I'm in the market for an amp in my mind (no money though), as I've been thinking about the Rev Super Deluxe sound...

But those things are so big and heavy...

Maybe something smaller...

Or some unknown relative will leave me an amp in his will.


– Konrad

I've been making amps for about 6 yrs KonradThey just expanded a bit since the Blondeshell. Soon after the blondeshell though I bought some vintage EH-185 gibson amps; a 39', a 41' and a 42' (and another 40' last yr) to recreate the exact build and old sound for my Moonshine'39 amp. The first production clone of a vintage EH-185 from actual amps, with the exception of a perm. mag speaker since field coil speakers are no longer in production. I did make a way to power reconed Field coils, but its too dangerous to be selling. So standard speakers it has to be. Anywayzzz.

I love that you realize that Jim Heath ALWAYS records w that Super Reverb using the CTS 10's despite now touring w the Victoria made Gretsch amp. He's also been playing the custom made Smith guitar that TKSMITH.com made for him. Sheeze it seems like you've been in prison for half a decade. I wont tell you who is running our country now, but its not us. :)


Konrad !

glad to see ya around again.


Guys--i can't say how good it is to hear from you again--and yes, it's been like five years.

Tavo--i saw the rev so many times that I just cannot associate him with any other amp.

I have, however, played a Victoria and experienced the "bloom"--it was like nothing I had ever heard, but I wonder how it would project. I saw the rev in dallas about five years ago--don't know what he was using, but the sound guy kind of killed that show. Started perfect and then the volume went to crazy (and the rev never touched his amp), great show, but not what it could have been.

As I mentioned on another thread, I'd life to replace my falling-apart deville 410, but I can't get decent used amps here. Everything will cost USD 2k at least. Which means a deluxe reverb or vibro or 59 bassman--i dunno. I keep seeing everyone rag on everything new though.

Whaddya think (BTW, the heavy_duty brain you made for me still kicks!)



Konrad!! It's a long time from Dallas Texas for both of us!! Jay Vinton here. I think I was already in Hawaii when you dropped off. Nice to see you are thriving in Poland. Good to hear from you!!





Wow--voice fro the past...

I don't know if I am thriving, but I'm still here!

How is Hawaii?

Hmmm... Poland or Hawaii... WIth this winter dragging on... I'm jealous, bud!



Thanks, Gretschocaster!



Thanks, Zigracer!

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