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Konrad here: What’s shakin’?


Hey all, I know I disappeared for about four years... but... I never stopped believing or lurking here! So... What's up? What's shakin'? How's everybody been?

Meanwhile, I'm playing again--just church mornings (so sometimes I play country-style, sometimes a little billy... sometimes even...

Do't kill me...

Bing-a-ling-a-ling a la U2.

Mostly its the Silver Jet these days... It's battered and worn, but there you go.

My amp (my old 410 Deville) is just about coming apart at the seams. Need to do something about that. Or buy something new...

Any recs for a good Fender-ish amp (preferably 410ish, but doesn't have to be) that is going to be just loud enough and not break the bank. But Fenderish? Something that will work with a Gretsch?

But let's not get off the subject... Actually playing again, if not the rockabilly trio...

And it feels great!



Konrad! Good to see you 'round the ranch again. It's definitely been awhile!

I would have said howdy anyway, but now that you mention searching for a Fender amp, I may have just the thing for you, selling on Reverb. Message me for a better price.


Could be just the thing.

Glad you're playing ... again. Your story was already pretty colorful!


Hey Proteus, Great to hear from you!

But I'm still out here in Poland--probably wouldn't be economical with the amp... But maybe I should consider that amp... Hmmm.

I'll post more shortly--have to get off a train in a minute--but too make a long story very short, I ended up switching my pick grip (kind of just let it happen) to my thumb and middle finger and suddenly it's fun to play again.

Really curious about what has been going on... I really have not been around for three or four years.

Looks like the forum is alive and well though.



Welcome back, Konrad. Stick around, will ya?


Planning to, Supr!


Good to see you're playing again, good to see you're happy, and good to see you back.

A solid "hat trick" and hope that you stick around these parts.


What's up J(ust...)!

Scanning through various pages--Tavo does amps now!!!


So much to absorb here all over again!



Tom Petty died.

Welcome home!


Welcome back. Delighted to see you again.


My man, Crowbone...

Moment of silence for Tom Petty.

But good to see you still around!

All right--time difference--got to crash.

Catch you billies tomorrow.



Hey now! I was just thinking about you around a week ago, Konrad, and wondered where you were. Glad you are well and playing again.


Hey Konrad! Great to see you back around these parts! Don't be a stranger! Peace.


Howdy, stranger! Long time, no hear.

How're things in the land of pierogi, kielbasa, and piwa?


Definitely don't want to ship the amp to Poland. It was going to be 1400.00 to ship to Argentina...

I thought perhaps you were in the US now and again.


Welcome back, Konrad!! Good to "hear" from you (FINALLY)!!


Hey all! It is good to be back! Great to see so many nicks! Now let's see... what's been going on in the last five years or so... Bought a house, just sold it for a bit of a loss (Ugh). Left a detective agency and started my own. Became the first non-Polish born licensed detective in Poland. Decided basically to not sleep ever again. Switched my pick grip for good--and playing has become fun again. Erm... Got grayer, older, none-the-wiser.

How's things with you guys?



Konrad!!! yeaaaa you came back home. Here's me running down the road to meet you!



Looks more like you running away from home since I've come back!

You're doing amps now?


I'm in the market for an amp in my mind (no money though), as I've been thinking about the Rev Super Deluxe sound...

But those things are so big and heavy...

Maybe something smaller...

Or some unknown relative will leave me an amp in his will.



Welcome back Ol’ Truck!


Hey Konrad, Welcome back! It really has been a while. How have you been? Any trips to Amsterdam planned?



I was there six months go for one day... nothing on the books right now, but you never know. Hope things are going well with you!



Hey Konrad, yeah next time let me know. We'll go for a drink again! All is fine here although I mostly just have been working hard and not finding enough time to play the guitar........

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