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kitty in the case work


Just a pic of my cat while I'm trying to work, well not really work, I was having a cup of joe and she needed to get up in the mustard. That's just the rough carcass of the bottom section of a hutch like bookcase I'm putting together for an old client. Such is life these days. The cat keeps me honest.


this one is with the dog, they am be my company while i wait on the spring.


love it.


Thanks Man. You have got to email me at another address, I'll try to update my profile. Shit old man I'm still kicking with my head just above the water, the house is coming along nicely and I do believe your painting of my daughter Jane will be making it's way over the ocean to hang in Jane's home in London, they will be over for this next Christmas, and needs must I think you need to get up north for a visit well before then and as they will be spending a bit of good time with us other than a wedding in Lake Placid you might think of a trip to spend some holiday cheer around Chri9stmas. Just saying.


Hi Chris! Glad to see you're still kicking. I see you have some great shop critters. No matter where my moose dog is, she's in the way. She probably thinks her name is "Abbie Move!"


Some years ago I had neighbors with a yellow Lab whom I'm sure thought his name was, "Buck, NO!"


Ahh, yes. Cats are indeed great supervisors and then "quality control" inspectors of our work!! Great pics.


They’re into everything

Good to hear from you again and see you have some good help on hand.


I love my dog as well as my cat, who is the coolest of kitties. My dog on the other hand is 15 and I stress over her. Last Friday, she eats her dinner at 6pm as she always does, then it's outside for lady time.. This time, she stepped about three paces in to the grass off the lanai, and swayed a bit, and keeled over as if dead. Stroke! I thought, unresponsive, eyes fixated, motionless. I was scared. I took her inside, laid her on the couch, and covered her.

My lady was out in BFE Hauula on the North shore. I called her and said, there had been an episode with Hoku and she might want to come home in case we needed to take her to the vet, I didn't want to have to put her down with out her present. So, she comes back and as soon as the tires of her car crossed the clanging metal strips that make up a drain across the drive......MOMS HOME!!! LET ME UP!!! , Tail wagging, tongue hanging, Happiness.... I wanted to kill her myself for scaring me so... she's fine and has been since. The cat observed rather detached...and was plotting her take over....


Dogs have owners, cats have staff.


Oh heck Parralax, the worst thing in the whole world is when your best friend starts getting old. It is a curse that we humans have a relatively long life span and our dogs and cats and horses do not. Me,I have got a clean up the shop day and I know that both of my buddies, cat and dog, will be involved in everything. I really hope you have more good time with your pup. An odd thought, but I think a man should have five really GOOD dogs in his whole lifetime not a single one is ever replaceable but every one is tugging at your heart from the day they enter your home. And a man should have more cats then can be counted, Cats am way cool and they do keep the pests down, I watched a big tom that has apparently made my property his stamping ground, attack a huge wasp nest and effectively kill every bug, even though he was being attacked and stung repeatedly in the face. It took him about twenty minutes to wipe them all out and destroy the nest. One tough ass tom cat.


I am not seeing any photos in this thread. Is it my phone? Or, is it a function of the database being overloaded?


I am not seeing any photos in this thread. Is it my phone? Or, is it a function of the database being overloaded?

– Ric12string

Same here, on a laptop, using Firefox, Chrome, and then (ugh) Edge.


Some years ago I had neighbors with a yellow Lab whom I'm sure thought his name was, "Buck, NO!"

– Parabar

Many Labs think that their first name is really "dammit."


Many Labs think that their first name is really "dammit."

– Don Birchett

I believe that both my Labs have figured that their names were "NO" for the first two years of their lives.

Thankfully they settle down and wise up some after a couple years.


My black Lab is half Great Pyrennees, where she gets her size from. Moosedog is 120 pounds, three feet tall, four long. Her favorite place to sleep is "in the way". The Pyrennees makes her a mellow dog, a gentle giant. She got the best of both breeds.


Slim, that is cool, I now love your dog because you do. Give the big butt head a pet for me.


JW. If I did dot have shepards then the only dog for me would be a lab, I have known so many and hunted over some of the best in my life, A Lab is most likely the finest dog in the world, "That is after a German Shepard",


I don’t see any photos. Wahhh!


I was gonna post a picture of my two dogs and cat sleeping together on the bed, but realized I can't see pictures either. lol

Tested on chrome and firefox - no go.

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