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John Saxon - Rest in peace


Unfortunately we lost another talent as John Saxon passed away from pneumonia at the age of 83 in his home in Tennessee.

I loved the fact he was an Italian-American born in Brooklyn but really displayed a wide range. My favorite role of his was the character of Luis Chama in the movie "Joe Kidd" with Robert Duvall and Clint Eastwood. Certainly not John Sturges' best effort but the combined talents of the actors made the movie shine for me.

May Mr. Saxon rest in peace.



I’ll be doggone.

R.I.P. mr. Saxon.

A friend of mine played a mob goon in a movie with Saxon called, “Bottom Feeders”. My bud’s a world-class drummer and he and Saxon got to talking about music between scenes. Saxon told him that for one role he played as a guitarist, they had him take lessons from Barney Kessel.


The Appaloosa (1966). He outshined Brando.


He was great in the Appaloosa . RIP, John.


Regis Philbin yesterday. July’s turning out to be lethal for celebrity.


Sorry to hear. RIP Mr. Saxon.

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