Miscellaneous Rumbles

John McVie


More bad news. Fleetwood Mac just cancelled the rest of their tour as John McVie has cancer. Half of one of the best rhythm sections ever. Hoping for the best....


I am not sure that they cancelled all of their remaining dates. They did cancel, however, those dates in Australia and New Zealand.

Here's hoping that John McVie makes good progress in his battle against this dreaded disease.


Oh no, not another one.

Very best mojo for John; here's wishing for a speedy and full recovery.


Sad news about John, and I hope the treatment goes well. The price of the tickets here was pretty heavy, and the last time I saw him play in NZ was with John Mayalls Bluesbreakers reunion tour (Mick Taylor, Colin Allen). He wasn't in great shape that night and threw up onstage, but I guess he had too much clout for Mayall to fire him for boozing by that stage! Just love the man for how angry he still is about the dosing of Peter Green in Munich.

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