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John Mayer hospitalized


Emergency appendectomy, apparently.

I know he comes in for a fair bit of hating, and he can be a bit much, but he is a fine guitarist, and has made a lot of people's lives better with his music, so I say we raise a glass and toast to a speedy recovery for a fellow picker.


why oh why couldnt it be Bonamassa!! No-o-o-t John!! He looks like he's in horrible pain!


I wish I could play like him.

He really catches hate?

For what, all those models he dates?


When he plays with Pino Palladino and Steve (my hero) Jordon, they make some of my favorite music! Get well soon, John.


I have always liked John Mayer and I think his guitar playing is Very good for the style of music he puts out, I never understood the negativity that He seemed to attract.

As long as his appendix doesnt affect his guitar playing he'll be alright.

Turn up the Volume!


I don't know much about his music but it's too bad. Those burst appendixes are really dangerous. My friend almost died from it. He was in the hospital two months when it burst. I take it John M didn't have his burst but he caught it in time.


I wish I could play like him.

He really catches hate?

For what, all those models he dates?

– crowbone

Nahhhh ... John can be kind of a doofus in interviews, plus that song of his "Your Body Is A Wonderland" is pretty heinous (and was horribly overexposed when it came out). I think that pretty much sums up what some folks have against him. Home boy can play, though, no doubt.


I don't mind John Mayer as a person but I sure don't listen to him! I've seen a few interviews and thought he seemed like a good guy. Now Joe Bonnamassa is an entirely different matter...


I think most of the hate comes from seeing him strum his acoustic to the theaters packed with swooning 13 year old girls. This is what bought him his house and lifestyle. If you haven’t seen “The John Mayer Trio” you haven't seen what he can actually do. This is a completely different act altogether. Kick ass blues/R&B/rock and roll.


I've heard or read that he's pretty disrespectful to women but I'm not hearing that he's beating them or something so maybe a womanizer but I went through that brief history myself. Hard to judge. I absolutely love his playing and really like his whispery voice.

Joe Bonamassa played our town recently. I actually heard a lot of things about his show and his band that were very good. I personally didn't go to his show but I know he doesn't get a lot of love here, especially after his comments on Gretsch. Not really sure what it is that people don't like. It's the blues for chrisesakes!


He was on Chappelle's Show, so he must be okay.


He did a week as the guest host on the Old Fergusin show. He came accross as a pompous A$$....I like his music and don't even mind his voice, unless he's talking.

Now I dn't even hate Joe. He's kinda the Celine Dion of blues players, ready for Vegas.....

Get better John. Then Shut up and sing....and play.....


Get well soon, John. My grandfather's appendix burst back in the '30s. He worked two jobs and wouldn't go to the doctor. When he finally went down, he was very close to death. No health care during the depression, and it took him years to recover, financially. For a mostly useless organ, the appendix can cause some serious problems.


With his day to day lifestyle, and still being a young man, I'd surmise the negativity he hears about is minimal when he's yachting with _ (fill in the blank with a number of admiring women from all walks).

Here's to good healing. There are dames to be had!



My kid brother almost died from it in his early twenties. Up until then, our family always thought of appendix issues in the same vein as measles, mumps and chicken pox- childhood diseases.

Chris proved us wrong when he collapsed. But his recovery was quick and complete. Let's hope for the same for John.


Mine didn't burst but I was in critical condition for almost a week from post surgery infection when I was 8 or 9 y/o. I remember being in pain in our family room watching the "All In the Family" where Mike "meathead" has appendicitis......life imitates art!

I really like John's guitar playing and solo work but his pop stuff doesn't really move me. All the best and wish him a speedy and complete recovery.


Click bait being what it is. Some idiots posted "John Mayer Dead"....and then it linked to John Mayer and the Dead Band....

I like his playing just fine even if it is a distillation of 200 other guitar players over the decades..

I had my mother into the emergency room years back, she was a cancer sufferer and it was her last visit.. but during that time waiting, a young lady came in with acute appendicitis. It surely was no joke, she couldn't stand and the pain was seemingly tremendous. I'm glad he got it sorted...

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