Miscellaneous Rumbles

Jim , (<— NOTE this is a comma!) D’Addario strings are the best.


I hope you use them!

– Proteus

Yes probably my favorite strings for roundwounds. That is I use their Pure Nickel. I don't care for any brand nickel wound steel strings. Pure Nickel are the way to go. I put some Ernie Balls .10s on my 1965 Country Club and didn't like them. Not sure why because Ernie Ball on a Strat are fine but on the Club I didn't care for them. But when I can I use D’Addario strings but sometimes Fender Pure Nickel or GHS.

For flatwounds it's gotta be Pyramids or Thomastik.


I thought it was a Star Trek spoof.


I thought it was a Star Trek spoof.

– NJBob

As soon as I see the name Jim, I'm reading it in a McCoy voice.

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