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JBGRETSCHGUY’s Medical Mission to Guatemala


Once again, Josh is raising money to get down to Guatemala, and administer much needed medical attention to those who would otherwise go without.

We've done our own fundraisers in the past with much success, and now Josh's friends outside of the GDP have stepped up and are doing a go fund me to help out.

If you can, and are inclined to do so, I urge you to give what you can to make it happen for our friend.

Click HERE


Thank you, John! This year, I'm going back to Guatemala, but doing the same kind of work. My Haiti group cut down from six trips to five this year, because of a decline in financial support that helped buy meds and supplies. So I hadn't planned on making a mission trip this year. I took a shot vacation in December instead. But then this opportunity came up last week, and I had to act quickly. My adopted "Uncle Bob" is also going - we did a mission trip together in 2008 with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers.

So I was reluctant to let Kim start that page, but she was insistent that some folks WANT the ability to participate in the mission and help the people. I'm selling some bits and pieces, too - and any leftover funds will get donated to ER Abroad to purchase meds for the October mission.

In 2018, I hope to be able to lead another team back to Haiti, God willing.


Congrats, Josh!! Hats off to you for your efforts. (I'm in.)


Thanks for doing this. And thanks to whoever the party was that organized the gofundme page.


Thank you guys so much. My friend Kim did the page, although I grumbled quite a bit at first.

She is the wife of my drummer and best friend Vince, who died suddenly in 2008. I miss him all the time. I go to Kim's shop to get my haircut, as I've done for 25 years.


Just checked.

$800 out of a $1,000 goal raised!



Whoa! I didn't realize. My goodness. I can book the flights this week, before it goes up in price.

My plan A to raise some dough was to fix up a guitar to flip. It will now be donated to someone in need. Please see my thread in the Garage Sale section.


It's as good as funded, and I am completely blown away. I'll try to make you all proud by bringing healthcare to some of the most underserved people in the world. We went to this village way up in the mountains and I had never been so humbled in all my life. The people live in a garbage dump, and subsist by foraging. Beautiful people, and so full of love and gratitude. Thank you, friends! Actually, you are family. I might have a small leak at the corner of my eye.


The picture I actually meant to post was this one.

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