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January 2019 Haiti Mission trip


In Nashville, some of you enquired about how to help my (15th) annual Haiti medical mission trip. You guys and girls have been entirely too generous in the past, so this is not an "ask", but here is a link for those who are wanting to participate in the process.


ALSO - if any has an extra $1,800 or so and wants to give up their January 12-25th, we have a couple of spots open for medical and non-medical folks. I can fill you in if you are interested. Our website is www.fotcoh.org


Always happy to support this very worthy cause. Josh, can I Paypal my support or do I need to go through the donation portal?


Either way works, Deke. Whatever is easiest for you. Thank you so very much!! It is greatly appreciated!


Sent via PayPal. Make Haiti Great Again, Josh!


Bumping for a good cause


I wish I could go with you on one of these. I'd learn a lot.


I wish you could, too, Bob!! We'd have an awesome experience.


This needs a bump.

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