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It’s time for another RRHOF thread!


Yes, an outstanding lineup of nominees. I can make a case for half of them being deserving of induction:

The Zombies

Todd Rundgren


Roxy Music



Stevie Nicks

Janet Jackson

The Cure



Not that it matters, but two bands that haven't been mentioned:

.38 Special and The Outlaws

They both had some great stuff.


I'm voting for Todd, and ONLY Todd, every day. He is already running at about half the votes of the "leader" ( Stevie)....casting a vote for another artist will only dilute Todd's chance of coming in high.....'course, if unlike me, you actually are rooting for another "artist"...then, by all means, vote for that "hack". {wink}.


i'm not voting because given the state of things there's no point. when crap like Bon Jovi is in there, why drag good music down to that level? i would be caning Radiohead, but everyone in the band but the bassist has already said they don't give a shit.


I'll give Todd Rundgren my vote, but primarily for his contribution to professional football.

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