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It’s January, the world is frozen, and that can only mean…NAMM & …

So here's the deal. As regular readers might have guessed, I will be at NAMM again this year, bringing the Gretsch blow-by-blow. And this year's show promises to be unusually packed with peanuts (about which more momentarily). But wait, that's not all... It turns out that I have day-job Mac newspaper work high in the San Bernadino Mtns, coming right after NAMM and continuing for several weeks. (Including a probable side-trip to southern Utah for more of the same.) My business partner is part of the Mac work as well. But why would I tell you this? Because he doesn't want to fly west. First there was the underwear not-quite-bomber. Then there's all the gear we need to do the Mac work (and the fact that I really can't be without a guitar and at least a practice amp for several weeks). And our post-NAMM schedule isn't comPLETEly stone-etched, so it would be tough to schedule economicable flights. Then someone walked past a checkpoint in New Jersey and introduced 4 - 18 hour flight delays around the world. (What would happen if a butterfly should flap its wings in what's left of the rain forest, I shudder to contemplate.) No sooner were airplanes creaking skyward again than Reagan International had a power outage. Then a heliocopter fell out of the sky in the San Berny mountains, and a small plane missed a runway somewhere. Next bottles of honey secreted in a suitcase triggered terrorist alerts at one airport, and an empty airport-owned suitcase at another. Apparently both gravity and Homo Aviaticus' ability to judge risk are experiencing random failures... So, despite the fact that it's dead January, and anything could happen weather-wise to make things way TOO interesting, we're going to drive to California. It's a road-trip! (Yes, we know that, statistically, we're far safer to fly, but let's go with the rationalizations, shall we?) The adventure begins Sunday with our departure from an undisclosed location in southern Indiana. We'll wind our way across the I-44/I-40 corridor (not incidentally the general route of old 66), in fervent hope of making the Anaheim Convention Center by Wednesday afternoon. I suppose I'll blog the drive in this thread (and I'm thinking a photo every MILE might be too many?) – and no doubt tweet a little too, once I remember who I am on Twitter. And once we get there? Well, NAMM coverage will start early, on Wednesday evening, with a perhaps-not-entirely surprising announcement from the Custom Shop, featuring a performance by our own Paul Pigat and Cousin Harley. Then Thursday the show kicks in – with peformances from the Kim Falcon stage every day (roster of performers to be announced here soon), and Kim in attendance every day as Madame MC. Gretsch has been on quite a roll the last couple of years, and no doubt there will be some surprise announcements – and who knows what gestures of goodwill from Cap'n Joe Carducci. I'm hoping to get some interviews with Gretsch notables. When I firm that up, I'll take questions from you guys to put to the interview subjects. Audio and video, of course. I know there'll be a veritable GDP mafia around the show - Ric12String, bonedaddy, giffenf, Tommy59 (I assume), Parabar, WiredTurtle (I believe), TM1, DrGretsch, Billy Delight, surely cardesnr99. Have I missed anyone, wink-wink? But wait, that's still not all. I've worked it out with Deke Dickerson to cover Saturday night's Guitar Geek Festival! The roster of great acts at that event seems to go on longer than a single night could accommodate – but you can expect audio and video of every one... including the headliner, Duane Eddy, who has already consented to an interview. I'm personally thrilled to catch Duane live, and of course to meet him. I figger Deed will be there too, and THAT ain't bad! Stay tuned for the next installment...
Hot Diggety Dawg, we're off to a good start here! Do let us know your twitter name, so we can follow your every move, er, tweet. FG
**This post has been deleted**
Is your every move really worth tweeting? You aren't gonna make us all go out and join up with yet another social networking site are you?
OK, not your every move, Tim, and certainly not your every movement. Only the moves you deem noteworthy while riding shotgun. Definitely no tweeting while driving. You can get a ticket for that once you cross the California state line. That first fine can be in the neighborhood of $20, and that's 6.0975 Double-Doubles from In'N'Out Burger, and you don't want to miss out on that. FG
He has a lot more to worry about with the law upon crossing our lovely state's border than merely tweeting while driving. We're on to ya, man! Like white on rice. We're watching your every move. Don't mess up. Don't give us an excuse.
I'll try not to tweet vapidly... and I probably won't get to drive anyway, riding permanent shotgun in a miserable little Ford sportoot. I don't think there are any outstanding warrants in California. There's one seatbelt ticket awaiting in a small town in Missouri, but there'll be nothing to tie the Fjord Escape to it. Twitter name: ProtoProteus. (There was already a Proteus there when I arrived, can you believe it, a miserable impostor. But since I'm clearly the PROTOtype, I settled for the variant title.) So far I can report that snow is general over Indiana; I've traveled in it all day, and shoveled the lane in brown farmer overalls. 14° and headed to zero. Pretty grim.
Oh, I heard all he has to do is tell the officer he's with Joe Carducci, and they'll give him a pass. Joe is WELL connected.
Joe C. doesn't burn his chits that easily, FG. C'mon, the man has some standards.
Wish I could go. Up till 8 years ago our firm was a division of SSL, the recording board folks. Anywho, some of the guys from our office would get to go on SSL's dime but since we got spun off no more.
It would depend on whether Joe needed to bail me out before or after NAMM...
Please come by the Sennheiser booth at 12:00 on Saturday. I'll be playing drums with singer Chantelle Barry.
That's it, I'm sellin' the television! The only show worth watching on a crt (or flat-screen computor) is going to be Proteus-Vision!
Woo-freakin'-hoo. I've been away from the interwebs machine for a couple weeks, and so have not kept up with my correspondence, here and elsewhere. But I will be there, both at NAMM & the D-squared Geekarama. Very much looking forward to enjoying all the fine company.
Gonna be a hootenany for sure
Proteus I'll be at NAMM as well. I hope we can meet up and discuss the Tru-Arcs live and in person... I'll be easy to recognize. I'll be the only dude with a 6120 tattooed on his forearm and a P-51 Mustang tattooed on his neck.
By car!! Havent you heard bout global warming. BTW, take some extra miles - we have -21C in Stockholm. As always looking forward to the excellent coverage.
I'll be the only dude with a 6120 tattooed on his forearm and a P-51 Mustang tattooed on his neck. Well - maybe not.
ProtoProtty, Please tell me, is this going to be "the Big NAMM 2010 Topic" or are you going to open up another thread? I am ofcourse preparing everything. The table is cleared, the chair is adjusted... The phone is unplugged and the curtains drawn. Now that I won some strings, I'm completely hooked to winning something. I counted all knobs on all amps, wrote down every date and year, read 217457 Gretsch manuals and performed an integral download of The Gretsch Pages. My blood is boiling, some say I look like a madman these days. I creep through my house laughing weirdly and rubbing my hands together. I'm all set to win a G5222 (there is to be no room for debate on this matter whatsoever) or if I'm really lucky a G5129 or a Golden Pro Jet. WaaHaha! I'm not worthy of any other prizes so I think I should let you guys win something too... It's only fair. Now I must know at what time things will start wednesday, so I can calculate at what time this will be in Holland. Should I follow Twitter very closely or The Pages or both? (scratches his head) Don't answer this here Prot! PM me, so the others won't know, heheh... It's not that I'm greedy, I just want to WIN, WIN, WIN EVRYTHING HAAHAHA
Hey Proteus. I'd be up for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the I40 portion of your trip through Indian Territory if that would work. If you can possibly guesstimate a time and place, let me know and I'll be there for a short chit chat on the way. Keep a tight rein on the little Fjord Escape. As the rodeo boys in Oklahoma say, "Keep 'er head up!"
I hereby sincerely apologize for my latest offensive message, betrayed trust and hurt feelings. I take full responsibility for what I have done. I hope I can rebuild this damaged relationship. I want to apologize to Proteus for calling him ProtoProtty and I will never behave like that again in the future. Just gimmie a 5222...
Yep, it's a Road Trip for sure. We'll be waving to each other along the road heading West. Ya know, I would have gone with Tweeteus.
Geoff_Vain, as yet I haven't a list of prizes (if any) to be awarded, but of course everyone will be informed at the same time... There will be another thread for NAMM itself, but the road trip will happen right here. Your friend, PortoPotty

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