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It’s Got to be Good to Make Me Sit That Long!

  1. What's the longest you've ever sat in a movie theater?

  2. Have you ever finished a movie, then snuck/sneaked into another movie without paying?

Back in the 90s I sat through a triple feature of the original 3 Star Wars movies. Funny thing, I don't believe I saw any of them when they first came out. I was too much into Kiss/guitars and sports to be a Sci-Fi nerd.

Also, I can't remember ever sneaking into a second movie.



Addendum: The stupid Ewoks could have easily made me walk out of "Return of the Jedi," but I made it through. They had to sell merchandise, cute dolls didn't they.



My friends and I sat thru four showings of "Woodstock" nonstop. Don't ask.

As I worked as a projectionist, I sat thru a lot of movies, most of which I wouldn't have seen unless I was paid to run them. "Shoah" was 15 hours of death camp stories shown over two days. It was one of the grimmest things I've ever had to do.

  1. I think "Titanic" would be the longest movie I ever saw in the theater. Being a smash hit with a 3:15 running time, I'd be that's a lot of people's answer.

  2. I have. That's how I saw the first "Austin Powers." And I'd imagine I did it a couple other times in my younger days, but that's the only one I specifically recall.


"Gandhi" shouldn't have been as boring as watching paint dry but it was to me. "Close Encounters of The Third Kind" was so spellbinding at the time that the whole audience, including me, applauded at the end and sat through the entire credits before anybody got up and even started to leave the theatre. Before that, "2001: A Space Odyssey" was so long that it had an intermission in the middle, but I was gripped with interest and intrigue from beginning to end. A masterpiece!


My wife and I watched Avatar in 3D, walked out of the theatre, looked at each other without a word, got back in line, and watched it again.


Every year, Exhumed Films has a 24 hour Horror Movie Marathon.

At one time I was a full on fan of classic Hammer films, or Ed Wood kind of stuff.

This appealed to my friends and me, so we'd go every month, and when the 24 hour challenge was issued, we answered the call, and regretted it the following morning, realizing that we're not that young anymore.


I believe I sat through the brutality of "Out of Africa" and "The English Patient."

Both came in each at around 28 hours 43 minutes each..."Good Lawd" those blew!



“Wings Of Desire” (an arthouse film that “City Of Angels” was based on) has German subtitles requiring deep consideration and time spent doing it. But it's well worth the effort because it seeks to convey the timeless mind, body and soul connection that bonds Man and Woman ideally suited to each other and who do find each other, transcending mortal/immortal laws forbidding it. We strongly recommended it to you to persevere through if you can track it down. Peter Falk is in it if that makes a difference. Worth watching over and over.


Back in the old days of drive-in movies before home video technologies, "dusk-to-dawn" marathons were common. Imagine if you will, seeing all the old James Bond movies, or Planet of the Apes flicks in one sitting. Probably a projectionists nightmare, but it seemed fun to us kids then. A little later it was common to do a Beatles marathon with all four movies at an art-house theater, usually located near a college. Sure enough, when the Yellow Submarine started, the green fog would rise. Dad thought it was fun.


Then there were the now-unbelievable college days with marathons designed for individuals in particular altered states, leading off with something like Reefer Madness, stuffed with camp classics from King Kong (the original) to Plan 9 to Wizard of Oz, and invariably ending with Fantasia.

Behavior ranged from wide-eyed amazement to snores, depending...


"Lawrence of Arabia" at 3hrs 48mins and is generally shown with an intermission. Still a great movie.

2001 is another long favorite.


I enjoy opera but The Magic Flute is too long as are some Wagner operas. Given the age demographic for opera, Depends should be provided free of charge.


My brother and I sat through a restored, hand-colored showing of Abel Gance's Napoleon in 1981. I think it was about 6.5 hours long.


I went to see Novecento when it just came out in I guess 1976. I had no idea that it was going to be 5.5 hours, I thought I was going to see a normal length move. It started at 8 and I thought I would be home at around 10..... But I sat it out and loved it.

I have been to movie marathons after that but it's different if you are prepared for the sit....


The 1924 silent film, 'Greed' by Erich Von Stroheim was initially about 8 hours long. It's on my 'one of the things to do someday' list; sure to be a challenge if the opportunity ever presents itself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...


it was Christmas 1970. we'd gotten to the point by then where me and my family didn't really get along, so i buggered off for the day and walked over to the theatre in the nearby shopping center, which was showing all four Beatles movies. i watched all four, and this was before drugs. i also watched three showings of Woodstock through at the same theatre.


My mom and dad were extremely devout and religious people. SO..... every time Charlton Heston was in a Biblical epic, there we go. I had to sit as a 6 or 7 yr old through, The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, The Robe, you name a biblical movie, I've seen it as a sore butt kid wanting to go see something else...maybe that's why I'm a rebellious soul with a Gretsch now...

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