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Is There A Guitar Hall Of Fame?


And if not, why not?

I could spend days in a museum that displayed every iteration of every guitar, from those really old Fender-ish headstocked parlor guitars with all that fancy booji inlay to Lemmy's gigantic Ric.

It doesn't have to be a guitars of the stars room, they have the R&RHOF for that.

I'd love to be able to peruse the great wings of the classic American guitar: Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Martin, and everything that has come along since then.

Other brands we know nothing about. Lots of these makers and their stories are just as fascinating as the big guys.

Hell, Danelectro would make a great day on it's own. What showings would you like to see?

I'd love to see and read about Yamaha's entry into guitars. They are still my favorite piano and motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

On a smaller scale, Zemaitis, and Lowden, only because I've played both of their guitars, loved what they bring to the table and appreciate the artists that use their guitars. Ok. Going back to my nerd apartment in my brain and imagining who'd win, King Kong or Godzilla.


"A playable guitar museum would be cool. Where you could get a chance to play something like a Rick Combo 800 and see if it was more playable than a modern Rick. Or put yourselves in the shoes of a guitarist, and survey the options available to you in 1946."

Umm.. see the link I posted in post #2. The museum top-tier ticket add-ons are expensive as heck, but you can indeed play AND record with instruments in the museum.


Jann Wenner was involved with turning the old Kalamazoo Gibson (Heritage) factory into a National Guitar Museum...

I'll need to check what the progress has been...



New owners in 2016, 2nd Floor being converted, tours available...but no Official Museum.

I think Wenner maybe has bailed on the project...

Songbirds is the best so far.


A Guitar Hall of Fame would be a worthy endeavor.

.. If only to get them out of those cheezy Hard Rock Cafes around the world.
That shit is pathetic.

It would be an opportunity for those rich private collectors to show off their taste and trophies, taking them out of their billion dollar man-caves once in a while. But it would be especially nice to pay appropriate homage to the players, pioneers, and the their tools of trade.
Most definitely.

I think a guitar HOF foundation, with museums in key locations around the world, would be an ideal way to do it.
London, Tokyo, Berlin, LA, Chicago, ... they could all be curated to a high standard and rotate their collections with the others. And I really like the idea of hands-on and interactive exhibits too. Virtual tech, immersive experience, providing classes or networks for band camps, sponsored grants & music scholarships, ..

I'm sure there are enough music moguls who would be willing to make that happen, given the right focus and momentum.

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