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Is There A Date For The 2018 Nashville Roundup?


Sorry if there is, but I don't see it on the calendar.


I have sept 20 listed as the date. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.


The official "save the date" thread.

Yes Sept 20 - 23

I will likely re post to start collecting funds and reservations around mid to late July.

Guess I should put it on the calendar.

– Suprdave

No worries Dave... You've had a pretty full plate lately.


I posted an event in happenings.

Yes, there is much to do when someone passes, Rob. It's a process,for sure. I'm sure you know that.


Sorry, Dave.

I knew there is/was a lot on your plate, and this is trivial in comparison.


Sorry if there is, but I don't see it on the calendar.

– crowbone

I heard that it had been cancelled due to lack of interest, but that the organizers were encouraging everyone to come out to California to get their Roundup on. Or something like that.


Ya know, this does brew up an idea there, RickyBob! We should do a Hippies and Hillbillies Roundup!

We could start out in NorCal at the Tappan Lounge or whichever hippie hangout is currently available. So Friday night to, Oh I don't know, Wednesday? Then pack up for a private flight for all involved, gear and all, to Hachland Hills. Rock out in the peaceful hills and valleys of Tennessee til Sunday and say our goodbyes. We could all start out in Tye Dye and Bell Bottoms and then end up in Flannel and Baseball caps. Can you imagine the party plane ride from NorCal to Tennessee? That would be EPIC!

Oh, and PFFFT!!! ( Raspberry for my buddy Bob) winky


C'mon out, Suprdave! You'd fit right in.


You know I would, Bob. Miss ya, buddy.


Im in agrement about the tye dye.


If it's hippie-themed, maybe we can get Mr Z to come.


Im in agrement about the tye dye.

No way!


You're usually in tye dye anyway, right Mun?

Jon, you have certainly worn stuff that's more odd than tye dye.


I've never owned a tye dyed anything.

I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of that?


Someone gave me a ty dyed shirt, the damn thing stained my car when I cut it up and used it for a wash rag.


He was spotted in the area.


Good to know the date, I may have to look into a flight. Maybe I can afford to get halfway there then hitch hike ;)


Are we doing the caravan again, boys?


Are we doing the caravan again, boys?

– crowbone

Can you count me in if there is room? I think this will be the year for Nashville for me.


All this tie-dye talk reminds me we never played our laboriously rehearsed “Incense & Peppermints” in earnest after we worked it up for Ed King lo these many long yarons ago.

We can wear tuxes, jumpsuits, or bibbed overalls if we want, but we should revisit I&P. I got the keys.


We should revisit that for sure.

So Tye Dye shirt theme this year? Lol!


I’m going to wear a tutu and my ermine jock strap.


I prefer the 80's New Wave look myself.

Will be looking for Airline tickets soon.

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