Miscellaneous Rumbles

Is “Seymour Duncan” slipping?


seymour d seems to be back on track!! hah


ps- which one of you guys lays claim to johnny hallyday???


Haha, he's at least half Belgian, but as far as I'm concerned, they can keep him!!


Don't forget René Magritte Walter....!


Seymour Duncan is a very good singer and creates very beautiful harmonies and I like his songs very much and listen to them every other day. many people find it difficult to write essays. visit this site https://www.essayreviewuniv... to get help.


Was in Brugge and Belgium last February. Absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to go back.

Ah yes, Duncmore, the various Antiquity pickups I've tried are very good indeed.


I have no problem buying SD "off the rack", but I'll never use the custom shop again, after a very VERY bad experience with them a few years back. And it's not just that mistakes were made- it's that customer service then tried to make it sound like I was bothering them when I requested the issues be fixed.

They made me feel like "yeah you get to pay CS prices, but you don't actually get CS service, because you're not a star. End of the line, jerk."

Never again.

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