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Is “Seymour Duncan” slipping?


Reg: My recent order of Anitquity II Fender Jazzmaster Pickups:

Well fellas ,,, I finally got The "Seymour Duncan Anitquity II's" in for my 65' Jazzmaster reisssue and was going to give you all a report , I installed them well and everything,,, but,there's one BIG problem! ,, they are Out of Phase with each other, so when the switch is in the middle positions, it sounds Terrible like "Donald Duck ,,, You know!

So after all this work, I have to send them back, (or maybeone frown emoticon


I was going to play the guitar tonight too and make a video for you all but in the middle position, I can't use it for my styles frown emoticon ,

I'll keep you up to date on what happens?


Can't you just reverse the wires on one of them?






I just did and they turned out OK.

Now getting the sound I wanted :)

I was worried about the ground thing, like if I touched the pup and a buzz but it is quiet,.

Must have been a wire mix up at the factory" ,, sometimes that happens, they said.


The SD's are great. It is good to have a guy like WB around, helps a lot.


Yup, WB is alright. Even if he is Flemish. You are Flemish aren't you, Walter?

I once visited Brugge. What a fantastic place for a pub crawl.


Ha! I can't take any kind of credit for that simple a suggestion.

Yep, I'm Flemish. I prefer to think of myself as Belgian though, as right now there are some scary Flemish nationalists out here who give "Flanders" a sour taste. Brugge's not that close to where I live, but yes, it's pretty.


Nationalists are usually scary nutters. I'm Australian but feel almost uncomfortable saying that. I live in the world. Nationalism is for nutters. Flemish is cool by me as that means good beer. Belgian is cool too because that means good bier. And we all owe Belgium for Pommes Frites. Met mayonaise.


And Seymour Duncan likes chips, doesn't he?


Beer, waffles, chocolate, fries, Django Reinhardt, Toots Thielemans, René Thomas, and the Saxophone was invented by a Belgian. Probably forgot a couple of things..


Pub crawl ! Scary Flemish nationalist !!! Beer !!!!!!! Count me in.


I had one of the best drunken nights of my life in Antwerp, and another very good one in Brussels. I love Belgium.


There are so many strange and wonderful beers in Belgium it makes my head spin. Well, after a few... I often wondered why you never see Jupiler outside of Belgium. You certainly see plenty of Stella.


BTW do I win a prize for most outstanding derail of a thread ever??


Was storm bound in Ostend in October or November '85: there was a big fair as well as the usual bier, bars and restaurants. Loved it despite the near hurricane weather.

Back to SD.

My son's Mex Strat (a very good one) was updated with Antiquities to great effect.


Even Marvin loved Ostend!


All brands sometimes have the wires switched. Even the very best, like SD and TVJ etc.etc. Nothing to worry about. :)


This happened to me with a 1965 Gibson Firebird recently. Sounded like crap with 2 pickups engaged. Wired wrong at the factory and left that way for 50 years!!!


Beer, waffles, chocolate, fries, Django Reinhardt, Toots Thielemans, René Thomas, and the Saxophone was invented by a Belgian. Probably forgot a couple of things..

– WB

Django was born in Belgium but was french cityzen.


Thanks guys,

I guess just switching the wires is the way to go rather then sending back the Pup, ?

On Mosrites though and on some others, doing that; and then accidentally touching the pickup, creates a huge buzz.


Geoff, the Mosrites probably have some kind of baseplate or keeper that the ground wire is attached to. Like a P90 or a Telecaster pickup.

But if there are only two wires coming out of your pickup, and there isn't some kind of extra ground, you should be fine just swapping the leads.

Didier, you're late! I guess I won't mention Jacques Brel huh?

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