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Is it hard to learn the accordion?


I don't care what any of you accordion haters say--- Sharon Shannon is still da BOMB.


Thanks for that clip, Tartan! I've just spent the last 45 minutes listening to Sharon Shannon and tapping my feet! Great band, great tunes!


And if you can play a fuga by Bach on an instrument, then you are master über pimp on that thing.

– trumpetman

C’est la fin des haricots!!! this video renders any guitarist who fails to appreciate the accordion, a half wit with a stringed club. Les carottes sont cuites.


One of These is alot easier to hide than an Accordian, in case your buddies come over your house.

Yup a Melodica.

– LA_Manny


Used to like that tune.


I hope this link of the accordion master I mentioned in an earlier thread works. He was in town with several really good musicians Monday night. They hadn't played together in six years, had an hours practice before the show.Jump ahead 16 minutes as it's just an empty stage at first. All the cats here have a connection one way or another with Gainesville,Fl,with the rhythm guitarist and bearded violinist still residents.About halfway through Michael gets down hilariously with a melodica.



I spent 2 weeks with my wife in Italy last month. A highlight that we will never forget is 3 + days in Venice and a gondola ride with a super singer and accordion player on board. My wife and I had tears in our eyes for our entire about 1/2 hour ride. It wasn't because we hated the music. It was spectacular. Being a guitar player, I looked around and there was not one guitar being played entertaining the masses and making the sky's open up. What's up with that? Like guitar, I guess it's in the hands. You find the right accordian player and you're going to enjoy it.


From one of the greatest movies ever:


From one of the greatest movies ever:

– Geoff_Vane

one of my wife's favorites!!


From one of the greatest movies ever:

– Geoff_Vane

Very European sensibility... Love it.


This is reason alone to learn the accordion.

Amelie is such a wonderful film.

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