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Irma…Hurricanes in general


I have a number of friends farther south in Florida who are riding out the storm. I can't blame them, the interstates (95, 75) are completely congested and snarled. This one will be in the history books for sure.


Tried to get to my local hardware here in Micanopy, have to pass under I-75, had to turn around as cars were backed up all along the Northbound getting off for gas. Had to backtrack 15 miles on the back roads to get to 441 for supplies. Been here in Florida since '65, never seen the likes of this one though. Irma is tracking further west as of now, looks like the eye may pass over us as a cat 1. My house was built in the 1880's, impossible to insure , so I'm a nervous wreck .


We'll be thinking our best thoughts, Opie.

The waiting is very hard, reinforce your safe place to shelter down.


Oh man, please be safe.


My cousin just moved his family to Sarasota from N. Grandby, CT.

Trying to reach him, this must be a real shock...

Charleston, SC is just about out of the woods, will wait for the 11pm NHC Update before cancelling our Wilmington, NC Hotel.


Situation with my Cousin not great. He just spent 17 hours instead of 12 on the first part of a journey back up to CT to meet the Moving Van. Wife and daughter sheltering in Sarasota.

My wife's associate bailed from Tampa/St. Pete @ 3am this morning for Atlanta...

We decided safer to stay put, current track in our favor.


Let's keep all of our southern brothers and sisters in our thoughts and prayers. This is the mother of all storms. Retired dawg is riding it out. I guess Charlie vegas is on the move, right sir? Premansite and bone daddy sound like they're riding it out too, eh? I know Hotrod Walt is in Europe right now but I hope everyone's property's handle this storm. I really hope the weather channel is just making this look worse than it is but I've never seen anything that big on radar. I also have some personal friends that are riding this one out, as I'm sure most of us probably do.

Please stay safe, folks.


Let's all hope it's over hyped and that all are safe. The news reports have become unbearable and inaccurate. I had the news on for 20 minutes and they said it's barreling towards Fla at a 5. Hurricanes are slower than turtles and I've never heard anyone say they saw a turtle barreling down the road. I'm thinking when it hits land it'll be a 3. Sure you have to take precautions but the fear selling has become a joke. I'm not seeing anything that's going to make it turn north for a day or so, I'm thinking it's headed for the panhandle.

Let us all be safe.


I agree about the fear mongering. It's always "Breaking News". Unfortunately, the storm predictions are living up to the hype. Be safe all.


Well it Just made landfall in the Keys at Cudjoe key as a Cat 4 they say it will be a 3 in a hundred miles but ? Who knows, the talk has changed to storm surge more than ing else. Beth and I have been helping here in The Villages, where I am hoping these concrete block houses are all they are hyped up to be. Sprinklers have been running for three days trying to get the irrigation water up on the ground rather than in the retention pond. All you Florida folks stay safe. And if I can be of any help let me know... we'll see how this goes


Here in Micanopy, pronounced Mick an Opie , we're getting rain bands steady, should be getting more wind later in the day. We're boarded up and hunkered down. Sounds like a good country song title !


I met up with my neighbors last evening, friends from Sarasota were to be arriving shortly having driven straight through for umpteen hours...

They live on the Intercoastal, one-story home.


Just texted with a friend down in Boca... says it's little more than a glorified rainstorm!


May it so remain. Ain't none of us need no more trauma.


Right now the eye is approaching my house in Naples along with two rental properties I own.

I'm up north in Tallahassee wondering what I will be coming back to.


Right now the eye is approaching my house in Naples along with two rental properties I own.

I'm up north in Tallahassee wondering what I will be coming back to.

– guitarcapo

Good luck to you, glad you're in a safer place, although you'll still catch some of it. Stay safe.I'm beginning to lose my satellite signal on and off, will likely be going dark for a spell, here's to hoping you folks in the path make it out whole.


My wife says "enough" to Hurricanes, Nevada here we come. -- Twangmeisternyc

We have wildland fires, however. And snow. Life is challenging no matter where.


Earthquakes and Volcanic Calderas, too!

(Flooding happens everywhere...)


No problem here in Tampa. Wasn't much different then any tropical storm. I'm going to go drain my pool now.


Quite a night, winds of 70+, trees down everywhere. I have 6 or so down and tons of limbs, but house and studio are fine, as are the goat herd. Power went off early evening, but have generator going. All my neighbors are whole, so far so good. We are still getting tail end wind gusts of 45 but it's rapidly losing steam. I will likely be without power for days if past experience is any indication as we are rural and last in line.I have 50 gallons just for generator, so we're good for now. Hope everyone else made it through as well as us.


It's 12:25pm, high tide, Downtown Charleston getting clobbered. Water pouring into the Battery.

Perfect alignment, upper level winds at 85mph, steady 50mph+ over the harbor, we started seeing really big gusts at Noon.

Bridges Closed.

Actually, City Flooding might end up being worse than Hugo if I believe the Local News report.

Last year Matthew hit at low tide...

EDIT: Tornado Warning!

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