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I agree that global warming is happening but the doing something about it part has me struggling. Sure we should be more concerned about our quality of air and everything that goes into the earth and our water but if we are doing so much damage now, why didn't the earth warm up a bunch back in the 1800's when everyone used coal heat in every home? I know we have automobiles and more industry and such but it was a very dirty time, back then, too.


Early industry may seem dirty by modern American standards - but the early industrial revolution was pretty localized. World population has increased near-exponentially in 200 years, with worldwide demands for power and vastly expanded industry.

Cumulative effects eventually overwhelm the capacity of natural systems to maintain something like equilibrium.


I have concurred with that thought many times, any link to Global Warming is caused by too many Humans, not so much what we are doing, just too many.

Then, I happened to watch this Movie, "Kingsman:The Secret Service", and it made my thoughts seem sinister...


Then, I happened to watch this Movie, "Kingsman:The Secret Service", and it made my thoughts seem sinister...

I love that movie. Lots of fun.


Yup, the World was a pretty nifty place when we got here! Nature had put millions and millions of acres of forests on our only Planet to help suck the excess CO2 from the atmosphere and give us nice fresh Oxygen to breath. The Oceans had talented critters that gobbled up the CO2 and turned it into their shells and skeletons. Flora and fauna died and was buried underground and in the permafrost for eons where their dead carcasses stored all that excess carbon in the form of coal and oil and natural gas.

We'uns came along and cut down the forests to make room for wheat fields and soy fields and battle fields and cities and soccer stadiums!

We burrowed into the ground and dug up the stored Carbon that Nature had hidden away all those years ago and burned it and put it back into the Atmosphere where the layers of CO2 and Methane in the atmosphere pass Sunlight through to the ground and oceans, but block the heat from the sun from getting back out.

The ocean critters that gobble up the carbon don't like the more acidic warmer water and the effects of runoff either, and they stop reproducing or just lose their shells and skeletons! Bummer for them! Bummer for us too!

So, when the diminished forests no longer suck up as much CO2, and the sea critters can no longer suck up the CO2, it stays behind. In the Atmosphere. Raising temperatures on land and in the oceans.

Are we human folks to blame for rising air and ocean temperatures? I dunno, what do y'all think?


I blame procreation.

– Suprdave

Absolutely! In the most populated country on Earth they are actively trying to limit the numbers of their new born citizens! Smart!

Here in the US, though, our elected Federal Govt. officials and half the States are actively trying to add even more to the population by blocking all available methods of controlling procreation, short of aspirin....

....held between the knees.


Oh wow. Hurricane Ophelia, a Cat 3 Hurricane off the coast of Portugal.

Now that's something ya don't see everyday!

....nobody has. Best guess? ....ever. Not in recorded Human existence, anyway.


Ophelia is heading towards England and Ireland of all places. Portugal and Spain are getting some serious rain.


NOAA needs a bigger Map!

Watching Ophelia go right off the map shows that NOAA had no idea when they first drew up their maps that Hurricanes could go right on up and off the edge, and visit elsewhere!

Who Knew?!

....EXXON/Mobil knew! Shell Oil Knew! BP knew! The Coal Company owners who weren't too busy Lobbying for reduced safety standards to read the climatology data, knew.

We all didn't know.


Opheila beat the crap out of parts of Ireland and Scotland. It has sucked dust up from the Sahara and smoke from massive forest fires in Portugal and Spain, the colour of the sky yesterday was er well orange.


Aye,weird sky yesterday!

3 fatalities in the Republic sadly.

Lots of trees down here in Northern Ireland,but where i live it wasn't that bad,a few years ago with just regular blustery weather it was crazy,i thought the roof was coming off, it was unnerving at times. During that same night one of those window vents came loose and opened ,it was like a freight train coming through my bedroom,scared the bejeezus outta me!

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