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Irma…Hurricanes in general


This will be the 4th evacuation in 6 years!

Based on the current track, we will head back up to Wilmington, NC on Sunday, same Residence Inn as last October with Matthew.

Big wide Storm, winds there should be well less than Charleston, loss of power chance should be less, too.

It's my Anniversary Tuesday...Ha!

My wife says "enough" to Hurricanes, Nevada here we come.


Wilmington doesn't sound any better then Charleston. You need to go inland. Run from the water, hide from the wind.


I'm watching the track closely, the secondary issue is all the other "evacuees" on the road.

The run up to Wilmington was traffic free last October, they had gas, etc.

Wilmington is ~26 feet above Sea Level, Daniel Island ~7 feet.

Last year I walked the pup during the Eye...


We've had an extremely quiet and eerie season here in the Pacific. Our season runs from June 1 to November 1 or there about. Last year, we had 15 different storms, only one made any impact. This year so far, completely quiet. Apparently, El Nino did not form and that is what drives Pacific storms. To our west and north west, there have been several damaging Typhoons hit mainland China, VietNam, and Japan.. We've been very lucky.

There is no preparation for a large storm in Hawaii. They try to make you feel good about supplies, and generators and all, but there is no where to go, few shelters, and it will be a matchstick blowdown if one ever decides to visit.


If you like living near the ocean, you get to deal with the storms. Part of the price you have to pay for the access to the beach. Here in Indiana, I grew up 15 miles from Lake Michigan and can take a short drive for the white sand, but the lake has it's own weather hassles. I'll take the occasional tornado and blizzards instead of sweating out hurricane damage three or four times a year.


Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, tornadoes and blizzards in the midwest, earthquakes in California, volcanoes in Hawaii.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna said, "If it isn't one thing it's another --- it's always something!"

Or to quote messrs Garcia and Hunter:
"The wheel is turning and you can't slow down
You can't let go and you can't hold on
You can't go back and you can't stand still
If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will"


I hesitate to mention all the things the Lower Mainland area - Greater Vancouver - doesn't have as it could create an overload of applications to Canada's Office of Immigration!


I'm sittin' here in my wood frame house, 2000 ft from the ocean, 100 miles north of Miami ... right where the center of IRMA is currently on track to hit ... I'm gonna make a big pile of guitars and amps and climb under them and ♫Ride The Storm Out♫. Wish us luck!


I'd love to build myself a house like a bunker. Not a golf course bunker! A real, concrete and stone bunker where I could be safe from anything nature could throw at me. I don't know how good my nerves would be if I lived in a hurricane zone. North of where I live we have cyclones which are basically hurricanes which spin the opposite direction. They also have crocodiles and deadly jellyfish, so I live south. Still we got hit by a freak hail storm which flooded our house and wrote off my car a few years ago.

With global warming the storms are just gonna get worse. It's already happening.


Yep.... it's getting 'real' here in Florida.


Wilmington doesn't sound any better then Charleston. You need to go inland. Run from the water, hide from the wind.

– Charlie Vegas

Run From The Water, Hide From The Wind sounds like a song title, or an album title.


My daughter works as a singer/dancer for Royal Caribbean, and at this point of time was rehearsing in Miami. At a beachfront apartment. A phone call from her last night said RC were putting them all on a liner and heading north for a bit. Kinda relieved to hear that. Although, her last tour was running from Shanghai to Japan, so I'm not sure what's worse, Irma or Kim-Jong !!!!

Stay safe those who are near there.


Y'all stay safe. Hope things are getting better in Texas, too.

I wonder if Richard Branson will be able to ride this out on his island?

Wabash, I'm with you. Kind of glad we're in the midwest.

I'm betting we'll have some rain in Nashville, this year. Hope I'm wrong.


Here in North Central Florida, Gainesville area. Keeping a worried eye to the south, hope it heads east out to sea.


However you view the forecast, please be advised that "nobody knows" what the Storm will do.

Savannah and Hilton Head took a big hit with Matthew, now less than a year later Irma is tracking at them again...


I just watched some Weather Channel analysis that says the storm is now 600 miles in diameter. By comparison, that fills nearly the entire width of the Gulf Of Mexico. Meaning, when the eye reaches Miami, Southern Georgia will already be in the outer wind bands.

It's going to be a wild one for sure.


This could be biblical.... Katrina got nothin' on Irma. Prayers for everyone in her path.


It's going to be bad, no doubt. I'm not so worried about up here in N. FL, but Miami may cease to exists as it is today. Bad stuff.


Even Harvey was "worse" than Katrina... had Harvey hit NOLA, the water would have been 124 FEET high. Much different outcome, because everyone evacuated Texas... not so NOLA. Alot more death in NOLA because of that. That, and the fact that so much was built below sea level.

And Irma is far worse than Harvey. For one thing, it's GINORMOUS!

The Keys may be gone... IDK about mainland FL, but it's looking very scary. The governor has said "get out... we cannot save you."

I haven't watched "news" in months, because it's all BS (politics)... but when Harvey came, I started watching again. Because this is NEWS. This is PEOPLE. This is real tragedy. Not that I enjoy a trainwreck, I don't... but at least it's actual news instead of "antifa vs whoever" BS that's been playing as of late...


It's sad, I was just in Islamorada last week with my wife for our 26th anniversary. Beautiful place, I hate to think about the possibilities of destruction there. The first island that was hit in the Caribbean, Barbuda, has estimated that 95% of the buildings on the island are seriously damaged. Terrible stuff.


I'm hearing savanah Georgia being mentioned on the weather channel, now. Stay safe Sir Fred and Miss Dinah. Praying for everyone in the path of this storm.


Some more comparison.... hold on to your hat folks.

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