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Interview with Macca, 25 years on…still a great one.


Quite a good one, easy to appreciate the reality of it all and his delightful candor explaining being in the moment.


That was a fun read.


nice...it's all in there!!!

from one of the great historian/writers on instruments & the musicians who play them-tony bacon!



Yeah, I dug it! I like the fact that he’s not full of false modesty, that he is aware of his, and the Beatles, contribution to songwriting and entertainment, and musicianship and culture... and of his place in all of it! He seems honest, and respectful of those who want to know about what it was like, even though at the time, he was just kind of being a guy in a band...albeit a very popular band! Growing up, and as a budding rhythm guitarist, I gravitated more towards John Lennon’s vibe, but as time goes on I really have a much greater appreciation for Paul.


Good stuff. Interesting read. Thanks


Very nice read. Thanks for sharing.


This was a great interview. Thanks for posting it.


That was funny. I remember not being allowed in the control room. It was just understood. I remember standing in the doorways & staring because I wanted to see the gear.

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