Miscellaneous Rumbles

I’m Ready for Spring!


We had a brief Ric12string sighting here the other day, but I'm beginning to wonder if we shouldn't send a search party into the Sierras to check up on him.


Summer this year was scheduled for a Tuesday in Wyoming. Just not this Tuesday.


Spring in the "State of Missery"

8" of rain since Sunday, and high winds said "Howdy" last night. A lot more coming today.


Good news, it missed the house by inches, and the tree is on City property. (Well the trunk is!)

Tax dollars will be at work.


Our Snow Line this morning was just above us, maybe 5500 feet.

Snow in Truckee, Snow up at Lake Tahoe...webcams need their lenses wiped off!

Hard to get our Ornamental Hot Pepper plants outside...going to be a late season this year.

The old Reno saying is..."Don't plant until the Snow on the Peavine is gone".

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