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Norm Van has passed.


Completely randomly, Norm's version of "I'll see you in my dreams" from the second Gretsch Pages compilation disc just came up on my iTunes and now I'm pretty well wrecked.


Can you upload it to the GDP so that we can all hear it? I'd love to hear his rendition.


I haven't felt too well lately and have not been around. So I saw this and knew it had to be. I never really heard his playing, or if I did, it came in 2nd place to what he wrote. Even if he didn't mean to be teaching something, he was still "teaching something". I know he was special. I knew when I joined in '09 and loved his pic.

I never met him but think of him as a warm and good soul. His character shined through his words and feel his flame will always burn bright because, for lack of a better way of putting it, his humanity.

If The Norm can read this, I would like him to know what I thought every time I finished reading something he wrote. I always learned that it was important to be kind to others. Even if the topic had nothing to do with it.

God bless your soul Norm. I feel you are just as alive as ever but just in a different way and place. Your energy just transferred but it left a trail that warms the heart and feeds the soul.

Good bye for now Norm. If I am lucky, I will finally meet you one day in that other place. Until then, I learned from you. Thank you sir.


Before I ever met Norm, I somehow imagined him to be a small wiry man. I was quite surprised when I finally did meet him in person and found that he was a rather large man.


I only knew Norm online, initially from another site; it was Norm who suggested to me that I should look at this forum, and stayed in touch once I got here. When I first knew him, all I knew is that he was a nice guy, kind and helpful; the more I learned from him and about him, the more I realised what an accomplished, experienced, knowledgeable, encouraging and well-informed man he was.

We've lost one of the good guys - RIP Norm.


I see what you mean, Tim. Kinda hard to listen to that without getting all misty eyed. One thing I remember about Norm is that he was always harping about using the Bigsby, and having a fixed Chet style handle. Or, at least he did to me. Sometimes he would listen to something I would record and send to him, and he would write back, "You got a Bigsby handle, don't you? Why don't you use it?" He loved it when you would slur into those notes using the Bigsby like Chet did to perfection. I couldn't help but smile when I heard him cranking that Bigsby handle.


A very sad day. With such a warm gentle soul gone off to the other side the would has just become that much colder. RIP Norm.


This is sad news indeed, there aren't enough guys like Norm in this world. I'll pick up his book and flick through it I think.


I was saddened to read this thread's title, and uplifted by the eulogy that he wrote.

RIP, Norm.


Tim, Richard (41) made me wonder if there’s any mileage in securing Norm’s posts.

Perhaps the great database disaster meant much was lost. Maybe Norm didn’t post so much after the recovery thus making the exercise pointless?

Just thinking out loud.


That song is beautiful. RIP, Norm.

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