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Norm Van has passed.


Saw this posted a couple minutes ago on his facebook feed:

If you are reading this I have Gone South and am now embarked on a new adventure. In the past I’ve referred to it as “being on the Freedom Train” free of care and sadness and hurt. I hope I finished my assignment to satisfaction… If my core beliefs are accurate I’m in good shape. I can hear and see perfectly now and know a lot of answers to a lot of questions I’ve had all my life. If I’m really lucky I get to play guitar and hear what I’ve missed all my life but I’m not sure they issue guitars where I’m going. Make it OK that I’ve moved on. I was getting creaky anyway and things weren’t working as well as they once did. I lost the guarantee somewhere. Mark Twain said “If you can’t make seventy by a comfortable road, don’t go.” I’m not ‘dead’. I just finished using my body. I’m very much alive… Don’t be afraid of it because it’s part of the Universal Cycle after all... And know that you’ve been a part of some of the good things in my life…you’ve been part of the warm, sunny spots and maybe even some of the tears. I hope it’s both because it makes it all a balance. Some of you were involved with me more than others but we know the depth as individuals how the sharing was and the degree doesn’t matter because each of you had my full attention during our times… Think a nice thought of me once in a while… make a point of trying to be nice to the next person you meet… say “hey” to anybody that’s worth a damn… Get rid of any negative baggage you might have and fly free… Pray once in a while. Don’t let anyone try to tell you what God is or isn’t. If you listen quietly you’ll realize you know already even if you can’t explain it. Play a Chet Atkins record once in a while. That’s what I was shooting for. He was my hero as a musician and a person and I chose well, I think… Forgive any hurts I caused you… I never hurt out of meanness but more likely out of fear and insecurity. Try to remember me when my beard was darker and when I played in tune. Remember always that I loved you best as I could… Hoka Hey…

RIP Norm, you were a good guy.


His son messaged me. His last wish was to have the full text of his message posted here.

We're going to miss you Norm, you were a gem.


RiP, Norm. A wonderful voice is now speaking where we cannot hear.


Wow this is sad and quite amazing that he wrote this for us. Thank you Norm.


He was such a great resource for us all. He will be missed.


R.I.P. Norm. That was an impressive message. Thanks for letting us know Bonedaddy.


Rest in happiness Norm. I'm going to miss that familiar avatar.

Thanks for posting Norm's message Mr. Bone.


This hit me hard. I hope he gets to pick a few with Chet.


May your journey continue on a peaceful way, Norm. I enjoyed your posts and book and observations.


Thankfully the physical hurting is now gone. I bought Norm's book and thoroughly enjoyed it and wrote and told him so. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.


Occasionally misunderstood by some, yet unfailingly kind and polite in all of his postings here on the GDP, as well as any interactions that I had with him in person or via email. He was a scholar who wrote a historically important book about Paul Yandell, Chet's right-hand man. For that alone, he should be celebrated.

What a touching and meaningful message that he has left with us.

Be at peace, Norm. You were a good egg.


nothin more moving than a self penned eulogy....& a good one

gods bless

rip nvm...our chet/ paul yandell man!


ta bonedaddy...stay good


His quick wit was a treat. I loved how he always had a wink or cheeky flirt with my wife on facebook, reminding me of what I was blessed with. He was a real treasure.

RIP, indeed.


Thankful to have shared a wee corner of cyberspace with a man of Norm's caliber.

Thanks for posting Bonedaddy.


RIP, Norm - your contributions were always some of my favorites. I feel that way about a lot of the cats around here, and it always stings when one of us ducks out.


Norm was (and remains) one the true mensches, and ever a core presence here. We knew it was coming; it's sad. But there's peace as well. Godspeed, Norm. You lived well, and for the better.


That was a beautiful way to say goodbye.

Vaya con Dios, Norm.


Hey Norm,

If you really are having your way up there, you can read these posts, and feel the love we have for you.

See you down the road.


I just can’t even find words. I will, but not yet.


RIP Norm, I hope you'll find , what you are looking for!!!


It's not so much that a light has gone out as it is that a light has changed to a different kind of light, one further from our reach.


A dignified exit. RIP Norm.

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