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I Spy A Serpentune


Hmm very interesting.

I wasn't aware of this...it looks like a Tru-Arc. If it isn't, I'll be depressed.

But I can't find a link to that issue of Guitarist ANYwhere. An internet image search doesn't turn up any hits for the cover. It's too small on the GDP for me to read any of the text (and instructions to get a bigger image by right-clicking, then removing any of the URL after "jpeg" isn't working).

Presumably there's an article in there I'd like to read...but I just can't find it. Any help?


It's the summer 2019 issue, it dropped through the letterbox this morning and it is Tru-Arc. It was built by Joseph Kaye GuitarsLink


Well that is just very very cool! Thanks for the heads-up.


What’s with the “custom Gretsch bridge”, I query?


Yeah, ok. Now I don't know. I suppose an email to the builder would be in order.

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