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I miss the fun threads!


Hi Deed Eddy.

More thread derails please.


That is absolutely superb. The tiny umbrellas and the well placed portrait of the unofficial official fearless leader of the Well Dressed Gentlemen’s and Ladies Lounge has made my day. Shoutout to Ade!

I still think Proteus should show up at a Roundup in this rig. Thanks, Piratesrule.


For the older folks:


Ah. Thanks,. On a re-read of his post that is now apparent .

I don’t contribute as often as many here as there is more for me to learn than add. But I’m always reading it and think it here has been fun a plenty. The echoplex and ‘which fender amp’ thread where fun to read start to tail. Always love hearing about people’s amp adventures.

Speaking of which you had a project with a JBL D130 a foot. How is that going?

– eCastro

Still on hold, due to lack of financial resources to finish Unfortunately, I wouldn't have a place to put it right now anyway!.....too much 'stuff' crowded into this place.


another for the older folks:


Jerry Lee Lewis:


another for the older folks:

– audept

Wow... I'm impressed. That's a cartoon drawn here in BC by a fellow who lived in Victoria (our version ) for a time.

Adrian, you're getting around!

How'd you come across it, Audept??


I scour the internet looking for great music joke cartoons.


I have posted the short version here once, here's the long one.

– Gerry Ratrod

He’s got great timing. Health n safety was hilarious !


Everybody's got their own "golden age" for this forum.

Forums are made up of people, there's nothing in the software that makes it "fun". Interact and play around with the people who can hang, and ignore the ones that can't.

Hellbilly - my band has "auto-suck" - we don't need a button. LOL


I had this Far Side comic above the window in one of our theater's sound booth. Seemed appropriate.


An egomaniac, a douchebag, a moron and a drifter walk in to bar.

Bartender says: "Ah great, the band is here."


I have posted the short version here once, here's the long one.

– Gerry Ratrod

I was going to post this clip...so thanks for that.

This cartoon showed up today...


Are we talking about Daniel Day Lewis? The Phantom Thread was pretty hilarious - if you disagree, I might disagree to disagree with you.


Fame is fleeting, but face tattoos are forever! Yikes.....


I hate fun threads. More RIPs please.


I just bought a steer from Ikea...


...here's the assembly instructions...


...here's the assembly instructions...

– Blutonium

Well played!


Bootsy always be sportin' some fun threads!

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