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I miss Bear!


I initially got to know Bear because of my username. My high school's mascot was a bear and I graduated in '85, hence Bear85. I had no idea I was choosing a username so close to that of a Gretsch Pages legend!

My former profile image was a direct tribute to Steve. He had Yogi playing a 6120 DC, so I made BooBoo my pic. Like so many of you, I also had frequent email correspondence with him. I was even fortunate enough to visit him in Louisville with my family in the summer of 2013 - I got to sit in the honored "Duane chair".

He was a wonderful guy, and I miss him greatly.


A great guy! I always appreciated his emails.

Here's Bear with his "Salute To the Bakersfield Sound"


Bear so impressed me that my wife and I drove 11 hours just to meet him in person. He was an amazing man. The bears den was a wonderland of cars and guitars. Late at night I caught him playing my sparkle jet, the one I bought from NJBob, he was loving the pickups. When we were getting ready to leave he asked me to look at his Gretsch stool that he said was assembled by Joe C. and Duane Eddy. This is what I saw.


I corresponded with Bear a few times. When I was learning about the electronics of electric guitars he provided answers to some of my questions. I felt like I really knew him and I did consider him a friend even though I never met him physically. He once sent me a box of Beatles guitar picks that I think of him every time I see them. I also think of him whenever I hear the song Kentucky.


It's Bear's birthday today - shared with Elvis!

Happy birthday, Steve!

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