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Top notch. She's gonna be one of the greatest.


It warms the heart knowing the your daughter has so much fun in what I think is brutally difficult creative outlet to be good at. No matter how good she is and will be, I love knowing the fact she is happy with it and has fun. Good for you and much happiness to you both!.


That would one cool t-shirt to have!!! It's cool though how an artist, in this case your daughter, has a vision or thought and can translate it to something we all can see. There are so many ingredients that have to go into this with talent obviously being at the top. Then comes, vision, feel, and other things. It's almost like a type of intelligence that allows the understanding of sight be spoken through the physical action of the art while still always connecting.

Anyway, it's the best theory I can think of because it really is wonderful see that such talent exists.


Yeah that is some cool beans.


Encourage Her, she's got talent On a side note I'm jealous that you are so close to StreetSounds NYC, Here in So Cal, its hard to find a place where you can just walk in a see/play so many different Gretsch Guitars Usually just one or two high end Gretsch Guitars in the places I haunt, I would just LOVE to walk into one place and try them all side by side


She works with markers I think. Sketch markers as used in commercial add drawing and the design industry. Let me know: some colleagues have them and never use them. It is very difficult to draw with markers. It requires special skills.


This is very good. She's totally ready for learning to see 3D through an object and reflections and shadows within a scene. After that, she is a master and prepared for any sketching task.


This is the next step in her training: Turnaround practice to feel volume. John K is the best teacher there is. Here is the link:


See if she can do and want to do Toy Drawing #1.

Let me tell you, it is where my drawing skills ended. So this not a simple task.


She is very talented. What a cool shirt. Sorry she didn't win. The winning pic must have been really awesome to have beat her.


Maybe bring her to redditgetsdrawn. ( with your supervision) a fun place to grow as an artist. ( im dmunman there). Also artistslounge in reddit.


Relic? Why don't they just throw the t-shirts out on the highway for a day or so?

Very nice execution of the design, on your daughter's part.

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