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I have found the secret to better guitar playing


I will gladly share this secret for only £100 - this is very very tongue in cheek and not serious - please don’t send £100 - unless you really really want to it.

But this is what I’ve found out

1) stop making excuses. That includes looking for short cuts - don’t think there are any 2) practice stuff that I find difficult 3) practice everyday 4) practice 5) practice Ad infinitum


With such a secret, you certainly deserve your name.


You may joke about the £100, but I've seen people get VERY rich using a very similar technique. One guy I read about recently got fined $16m - yes that's sixteen million (Ozzie) dollars - for running 5-day training courses. The courses allegedly taught delegates all his 'trade secrets' of property dealing, but the judge ruled there was no evidence his methods actually worked and that the claims he made in his marketing could not be substantiated.

$16m. That's a bucket load of money in anyone's books, but it's only 80% of what he's allegedly worth.

Anyhoo, I digress. You are absolutely right, of course. There are NO short-cuts. It's like making sausages; you only get out what you put in.


It's also very important to play millions of gigs as that is an important part of practicing to learn how to be comfortable performing


I hear about people sitting around for hours whilst playing scales. I could never do that. Learn or write and play songs is my advice. It might take a lot longer to become some kind of master, if that's your goal, but it's sure a lot more fun and rewarding.....no money back guarantee though, sorry.


So, how's that go? I plug in, and......practice? That's it?



By golly, I believe you've got something there!


These days the home studio with drum patterns helps a lot ,years ago it was playing with records. Certain books help.


I did say this was very tongue in cheek, I am guilty of trying to cheat - looking for an easy fix (given that up it doesn’t work) I am far from a natural guitarist (and it’s a stretch to call myself a guitarist) my tutor says all you see at a concert is the performance - not the work that has gone before. I know I’ve got the guitar bug - travelling into work right now, thinking about tomorrow morning when I can get her out the case ( the guitar not the wife) and struggle with bar chords, working on my timing and the thousand other things I need to get right - but it’s fun trying to get it right.


If you can go back in time and do that focused practicing when you’re 12 years old, even better.


If you can go back in time and do that focused practicing when you’re 12 years old, even better.

– Viper

Youth is wasted on the young.

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