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I did something completely crazy….


Like me, he was a guitarist that didn’t pickup the instrument until later in life. He loved the music of the 60s including folk and country. I never met him but yesterday I took ownership of his guitar collection. It started months ago with me helping the family ID the models and value of everything and I ended up making an offer to buy the whole lot.

This wasn’t just a monetary transaction for me. Instead, I see myself as a caretaker of something that was loved. Some will stay with me forever and others will find new homes but they will all be played, and loved.


You're a good man.

I did a similar thing for a friend about six months ago - though there was no money involved. Figuring out the best way to disperse musical instruments you're connected to (rather than owning) can be challenging.


OK OK, but what's in the cases? That's what enquiring minds want to know.

Looks like 14 guitars and a couple amps?

Also, it's remarkable how similar every van-full-of-guitars looks. It's a sight I've seen many times. But man. I've never gotten 14 new guitars in one day. Hard to sneak into the house, I would think.


Glad you could do this. Not being the collecting type, when my time comes there will be 3 or 4 amps, 3 or 4 guitars and that's about all. Still give us a group shot sometime!


Cool and congrats . I agree with Proteus. There is no doubt that they went to a good home, however, what’cha got there?


OK, ....here's what's inside everything:

Fender Gemini II E Acoustic

Crate Electra LP copy

Fender MIM Std Tele

Fender MIM Nashville Tele

Fender 52 RI Tele

Fender AVRI 62 Strat

Gretsch Elliot Easton Duo Jet

Gretsch 6120 TM (90s)

Martin D-18

Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus

Gibson Larry Carlton ES-335

Gibson Hummingbird

Epiphone Casino

& Rickenbacker 12 (think it's a 360/12C63 but I haven't confirmed it yet...gotta check the paperwork in the case)

Also a Fender Twin Reverb & Peavey Delta Blues

Some are already going up for sale to help pay back our family bank acct, which I dipped into to make the full offer. Once I pay that part back I'm going to take my time getting to know each instrument to see which ones stay with me for life. The ones that are already up locally are the Crate LP, Fender Acoustic, MIM Std Tele, & Gretsch 6120


That's a decently rounded one-of-most-things collection. Except he was obviously into Teles.

Does the LP copy actually say "Crate" on it?

The MIM Std Tele is top left? What color is that, and how much thin American dollars?

If it was me, I'd sell the Twin and keep the Delta Blues.


Good variety of guitars. Very much a common sense collection. The Nashville Tele and the EE Jet would be my favorites.


You had yourself one BUSY day!! Congratulations on landing a herd!


Here are some bench shots from this morning.


Oh my goodness Mark, you certainly are honoring that gentleman by taking stewardship of his ample guitar collection. I am very pleased that you are choosing to do this, and I am very happy for you.


That is indeed,a Rickenbacker 360/12C63 !


Wow, that is a nice collection!


Yes I agree this guy had a great collection that also makes a lot of sense.

So how much is the MIM Tele?


Yes I agree this guy had a great collection that also makes a lot of sense.

So how much is the MIM Tele?

– BuddyHollywood

I don’t want to make this a classified ad so if you have any questions like that, send me a message or email mfncgp AT yahoo

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