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How Many Guitars Do You Have


At my high point I had 26, looked around and asked myself "self, what the Hell are Ya doing?" I think I have 6 or 7 now. Sent some to relatives and traded a few. I have one that I should sell to someone who would play it! A Takamine limited edition. I just don't play it cause it's like new (I know that don't make sense) Only so much room to shove them under beds! One thing I have learned in my 70 plus years, price doesn't make a guitar better! I have inexpensive ones that rival the best named ones I have.


one too many, two too few



.. Okay, I lied.

Make that 11 guitars.

I couldn't pass up a local deal on this minty Epiphone es-175. Everything I've read about the Premium edition is pretty glowing, some pretty sterling reviews. The vintage '57 PAFs sound sweet on this. No upgrading needed.

I even prefer the natural finish over the popular vintage burst.

.. Since these were a limited run, they went out of production in 2017. I thought it might be a good chance to get into one.


It's not about quantity. But, rather quality. Oh, who am I kidding? Thirteen. Thanks for not asking about banjo or mandolin.


PlayerOne you made me laugh! I should point out that although I might only have six guitars and a bass I have been through many, many guitars to get to this point.

And Jim Austin - I can just see a kid jumping onto that trampoline...


I'm at 15 good guitars, 3 project guitars and one that I may or may not fix. I also have a uke and a bass. There are 3 others that I need. All of this and I can't even play.


I think I'm at 11 or 12 now, although a few I only keep because my fiancee keeps telling me not to sell. Which is a really good reason to marry her.


Nothin' but a ragtag batch o' Entry Level guitars in my rack. Not shown: Yamaha 335(II). All of 'em get played.


Nobody's business how many guitars I have, and yes, if it doesn't get played, it gets sold


Oops,I just updated post 39!


I let you count them.


I let you count them.

– GG

14 including basses. You are welcome.



  1. 1966 Gretsch Tennessean
  2. 1971 Gibson J50
  3. 1972 Martin D28
  4. 1974 Epiphone solid body bass
  5. 1960 (or so) Harmony archtop
  6. 1992 Gretsch G400CV Synchromatic
  7. 2004 Gretsch Tennessee Special
  8. 2013 Gretsch G400 Synchromatic

Yeah, too many. But they all have special niches in various genres.

I must admit that the more guitars I have, the less I play. Sort of get into a genre gridlock.



3 Gretsch guitars, 1 Ibanez, 1 Fender, 1 Landola, 1 Alien bass guitar, 1 HB, 1 Hondo... is that 9?! I didn't think they were that many... Country Club is my most played electric now, but Ibanez comes to the 2nd place. H's are both a bit forgotten for the moment. But all are lefties, and loved. And, yes, one upright bass, ukulele, mandolin, Hofmann piano, harmonica, old fiddle, shamisen...


I have seven guitars and will be getting probably one more (two more if a friend’s health goes south and he can’t play anymore). They don’t all see constant play because I drift from one to another. I find it inspirational at times. And of them all, only three are not attached to some great story or event that makes me sentimental, so most aren’t going anywhere.

I’ve got just as many ukes, but I rotate those way more often based on where I put them or what tone, feel, fretboard width, etc I’m in the mood for.


I think I'm at 11 or 12 now, although a few I only keep because my fiancee keeps telling me not to sell. Which is a really good reason to marry her.

– Devil's Tool

That may well save you having to sneak one in through your studio window someday. She's definitely a keeper!


5 Gretsch, 4 Gibsons, 4 Fenders, 2 Tele copies, 1 Reverend, 1 Hallmark, 1 DeArmond, 1 Guild, 1 Martin, 4 mandolins, 1 banjolin, 1 banjo, makes 26 pieces all together, and I recently bought a fiddle, so 27?


Bush league here as well with 8, which is way more than I need. And yet I must have one more...a 6122/59.

  • White Falcon
  • White Penguin (for sale to make room for the 6122)
  • 5120 (the Gretsch gateway drug)
  • 2622
  • Fender Jaguar
  • Squier Strat (the one that started it all)
  • Epi Les Paul
  • Epi Sheraton II

Ten, all told. All of them get the love, tho some more than others. A mando and a uke, too. 6 keyboards as well.

And, a nose flute.

– wabash slim

A nose flute. an extremely personal instrument. I have two and I can make a squeal but pretty much nothing else.


I am pretty well done adding to the herd. Full size hollow body with buckers (Epiphone Joe Pass), thinline hollow with P90s (Epiphone Sorrento), centerblock with Dynas (3140), acoustic beater porch guitar (vintage New Yorker). Covers all the sonic territory I’m interested in. Solid player grade stuff as befits my modest abilities. No interest at all in slab guitars. There are a few unicorns that I would snatch up if they fell into my lap at a too good to be true price, but I’m not actively shopping. Oh, and there’s the Gibson J160-E on indefinite loan from a friend who doesn’t play, and my wife’s mandolin and parlor White Falcon Rancher. And no, none of them get played often enough.


What's the collective noun for guitars -- an arpeggio? a chord? a thrash? a herd? In my case I sometimes think it's a dissonance!

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